The 2015 Annual Eko International Film Festival Winners

The 6th annual Eko International Film Festival is officially a wrap.


Best feature film: God forgive us  by  Michael Bachochin USA


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Best Nigerian Film: Heavens Hell by Katung Direkta Aduwak  Nigeria

Below find the full list of winners.

Ekoiff 2015 Winners

Feature Film Category Award

1. Best feature film : God forgive us by Michael Bachochin USA

2. Best Nigerian Film: Heavens Hell by Katung Direkta Aduwak Nigeria

3. Best Actor Jeffery Kissoon from the film Ham & The Piper Uk

4. Best Actress Bimbo Akintola from the film Heavens Hell Nigeria

5. Best Supporting Actor Chumani Pan from the film Silverain Ghana

6. Best Supporting Actress Nse Ikpe Etim from the film Heavens Hell Nigeria

Documentary Award Category

Best Documentary Under the Palaver Tree by Clair Savary France

Indigenous Film Award

1.Best Indigenous Film . Bogiri Olanu by Taiwo Samuel Nigeria

2.Best Actor Indigenous Tayo Afolayan from the film Alaaru Nigeria

3.Best Actress Indigenous Fatia Balogun from the film Bogiri Olanu Nigeria

Short Film Category Award

1. Best Short Film Awaiting Lazarus by Duke Orok UK/Nigeria

2. Best Nigeria Short Film Zyra by Douglas Enogieru Nigeria

3. Best Actor Short Film Michael Peters from the film Awaiting LazarusUK/Nigeria

4. Best Actress Short Film Abigail Ocheiri from the short film DerangedNigeria

Student Animation Film Award

Best Student Film Animation : Tatiana by Sadiq Sadiq Nigeria

1. Outstanding Young Actor Award Somadina Adinma from the film
Miss Teacher Nigeria
2. Outstanding Young Actress Award Treasure Obasi from the film
Heavens Hell Nigeria


Outstanding Young Actress Award   Treasure Obasi  from the film Heavens Hell  Nigeria

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