HarvestPlus and Vitamin A Cassava conference 2015

p                                Dr Odedina, Dr Paul Ilona and Mr. Fidelis Duker.

The  press briefing at Harvest plus informed us to the wonderful innovation going on over the few years in that institution Vitamin A Cassava, Vitamina A Maize, Vitamine A Sweet Potatos and Iron Beans. This event took place at  International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan.
The Press briefing was coordinated by Mr Fidelis Duker of FAD Production Limited and HARVEST Plus lead by Dr Paul Ilona (Country Manager, Nigeria (PMT Member)

iloDr Pual Ilona

Dr Ilona gave us the overview harvest plus Nigeria activities in 2015 which was based on Vitamin A cassava, Iron bean, Vitamin A maize, Zinc Rice and Vitamin A sweet potatoes.
We had various speakers that contributed to the conference,

                                    p2Mr Fidelis Duker the CEO of FAD Production

Mr Fidelis Duker the CEO of FAD Production who spoke on Potential of Nollywood Movies and TV series in information dissemination,

p4                    Mr Hope Obioma Opara of Supple Communications Ltd

Mr Hope Obioma Opara of Supple Communications Ltd ,spoke on Communicating development projects through Print and Social Media Platforms.,

p5Mr Tunde Okoli of Guardian/TPT

Mr Tunde Okoli of Guardian/TPT spoke on Advertising and Promotions prospects for audio visual Channels.
Mr. Chikodi Okorocha spoke on work planning/Target setting/submission to HarvestPlus.
At the end Dr Paul Ilona gave the vote of thanks.
They have Vitamin A cassava which is an improvement of the cassava we eat every other day . The new Cassava with Vitamin A has other by products in the likes of fufu, garri. Cassava cakes, chips etc

harvest    Varieties of foods prepared with Vitamin A Cassava

HarvestPlus supports the National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI) to breed, test, and release vitamin A cassava developed through our partnership with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA). We work with public and private sector partners to multiply vitamin A cassava stems and distribute to farmers. Our network of extension agents and rural facilitators receive training in best agronomic practices, which they pass along to farmers at the household level.

HarvestPlus-LogoCreative public awareness campaigns leverage the power of mass media, including of Nollywood, in educating Nigerians on micronutrient deficiencies and the benefits of vitamin A cassava. We are also creating and strengthening demand by supporting commercial processing of vitamin A cassava into popularly consumed products such as gari and fufu that are marketed nationwide. Innovative strategies to promote adoption and consumption include model one-stop shops where consumers can buy vitamin A cassava stems, tubers, and ready-to-eat products such as pies, cakes, and fufu. Our advocacy seeks to strengthen national ownership of bio fortification through effective integration into national nutrition and agricultural policies.
HarvestPlus and its partners work in 22 states of Nigeria to promote the availability, adoption, and consumption of vitamin A cassava. The goal is that more than 1.6 million Nigerian farming households will be growing this biofortified crop by 2018.

• 30% of Nigerian children under 5 are estimated to be iron deficient (WHO). They are at risk of lowered immunity, impaired vision, blindness, and even death.
• Annually, Nigeria loses over $1.5 billion in GDP to vitamin and mineral deficiencies (World Bank)
• Provides up to 40% of daily vitamin A needs
• High yielding, virus resistant

p7The Costs of Vitamin A Deficiency
Vitamin A deficiency lowers immunity, impairs vision, and may lead to blindness and even death. • 30% of Nigerian children under 5 are estimated to be vitamin A deficient (WHO). • Annually, Nigeria loses over US$1.5 billion in GDP to vitamin and mineral deficiencies (World Bank).

Iron-biofortified beans will contribute to a reduction in iron deficiency in regions of Africa where daily bean consumption is high.

Maize has become the staple food for more than 1 billion people in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Maize is high in carbohydrates but lacks essential micronutrients such as vitamin A.
Vitamin A is an essential nutrient lacking in the diets of poor malnourished population. Vitamin A deficiency retards growth, increases risk of disease, and can cause reproductive disorders.

p8Maize exhibits tremendous genetic diversity, and there are many types with high levels of provitamin A, a compound converted into vitamin A when the maize is eaten. These have been used to conventionally breed new varieties of maize that are an important dietary source of vitamin A maize.

More than 95% of the world’s sweet potato crop is grown in developing countries, where it is the fifth most important food crop. African farmers produce about 7 million tons of sweet potato annually, mostly for human consumption.
Children with vitamin A deficiency are at increased risk of severe morbidity from common childhood infections such as diarrheal diseases and measles, and in cases of extreme deficiency, can go blind.

p9Orange sweet potato is an extremely rich source of beta-carotene, an naturally occurring pigment that the body converts into vitamin A. Eating orange sweet potato has been shown to improve vitamin A status of children.

Rice is an ideal staple crop to bio-fortified with zinc.

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For more than 300 million people, inexpensive beans are an important part of the diet, especially in regions of Africa and Central and South America.
Iron deficiency during childhood and adolescence impairs physical growth, mental development, and learning capacity.

Iron-biofortified beans will contribute to a reduction in iron deficiency in regions of Africa where daily bean consumption is high.
Better Crops – Better Nutrition

We boost demand through awareness creation using the muti-media.

We drive supply by encouraging small and medium scale enterprise along the value chain

We link demand to supply using certified points of sale, Online market (Agroshop.com.ng) and Data base

You can purchase Vitamin A Gari,Fufu,
Flour, Confectionaries, Sterns & even
farm inputs on agroshop.com.ng

Benefits of Vitamin A
• Strong Immune System
• Healthy Skin
• Good Eyesight

HarvestPIus leads a global effort to improve nutrition and public health developing and disseminating staple food crops that are rich in vitamin and minerals.
HarvestPIus is part of the CCIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and health(A4NH) and is coordinated by International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CITA)and the International Food Policy Research Institute(IFRI) www.harvestplung.org

harvest 2

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 hope paul Mr.Hope Obioma Opara,Dr Paul Ilona and Dr Odedina

h group

                                   Group Picture of Participants  After the Event