Arc Theo Lawson

Studied architecture at the Architectural Association School, London between 1978 and 1985, where he experimented with both traditional African and High-tech design principles.

Back in the Fatherland (Nigeria) he studied earth construction techniques culminating in an invaluable invitation to design and build the Bauchi State museum in the year 1987, this availed him the liberty to use traditional Tubali brick construction.

In 1990, he established Total Consult, a design and builds practice, and worked on numerous commercial and residential projects. The firm also grew to become the leader in stage and set designs in the 80s and 90s; it also executed many cutting edge product launches and concert sets.

They designed TV studio sets for programmes and commercials into the bargain. Clientele include MTN, NB PLC, GTB, First Bank, MNET, inter alia. In the year 1999, Theo Lawson teamed up with other designers to form the “C.I.A.” (Creative Intelligence Agency), a collaborative venture to spearhead and streamline ideas for Lagos in the Millennium.

This led to his conception and realisation of Freedom Park, Lagos, now Lagos’ most engaging arts space.
He has equally worked on other public space projects including: Motherlan’ Performance Centre, University of Lagos Anniversary Park, Kalakuta Museum, Chimedie Museum and Art Gallery, Onitsha and the Kuti Heritage Museum, Abeokuta, to name just a few.

He is a formidable fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Architects and he is on the advisory board of several Arts Foundation.

Let’s homage and honour this Epitome of Excellence

By Balogun Olamilekan



Ike Agu: A media cum music guru whose achievements in the United States speaks volume

One incontrovertible fact about the Igbo phenomenon is that, there is this natural inclination in every Igbo man that propels him to break unimaginable barriers and attain great heights; be it in business, medicine, arts and other stratum of human pursuit. The term ‘Igbo’ is synonymous to greatness and this burning desire to achieve success has made the Igbo man to have more foes than friends. Categorically, the story of modern civilization will be incomplete without referencing the contributions of the Igbo race

There is no country in the world one won’t find an Igbo tribe running all forms of legitimate business. Is it in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and down to the Middle East, the Igbo man is there waxing very strong. You can find the Igbo tribe in the boards of multinational corporations. They own and control large businesses across the globe. Mention some of the inventors, medical doctors and best economists in the world, an Igbo blood is there. The achievements of the Igbo tribe speaks so much volume about their peculiarity

It’s paramount to state comprehensively that this commentary is not designed in any way to whitewash any personality. It’s simply an attempt to commend the efforts of one of our own whose achievements in diaspora speaks volume

                        WHO IS IKE AGU?

Ike Agu, who is famously known as AllaBama is Nigeria’s International award-winning musician, songwriter, producer, businessman, a web developer, and award-winning Media Personality. The New York International Network is Ike Agu public notice board. Though, it is also known as AGU’s Center for Media and Music production/music Education.

Ike Agu who is an indigene of Imo State was the 1st Vice-Chair of PMAN, Lagos-Branch, and also served as the Chairman of the Anti-piracy group in Lagos, Nigeria. He has 4 albums to his credit and still actively plays music. Till date, Agu remains the first Nigerian musician who withdrew all his works from the Nigerian market and left the country on a self-imposed exile, due to tribalism and other political upheaval. Notably, he is a very outspoken man who started making headlines since he was a teenager. He is the founder of the Musicians of the Niger/NIGERIAN FM and the publisher of the NewsCap

Ike Agu was among the headliners that played at Obama’s inaugural ball in 2009. He performed his hit song “Obama: The Wind of Çhange” at the event celebrating the historic inauguration of President-elect. Ike Agu has won several awards in the United States. He is a man who cut his professional teeth in the late 80s. A man of few words but laced with staggering actions

Ndi Igbo are blessed with men and women of substance. The achievements of the illustrious sons and daughters of Ndi Igbo in diaspora keep re-defining the uniqueness of the Igbo race. However, Ike Agu presently resides in New York City and has remained a strong force to reckon with in the music and media industry

Kalu Nwokoro Idika is political analyst, investigative and freelance journalist


Please Save Neverland. Make Neverland a Museum and Tourist destination for Michael Jackson fans and people all around the world . Neverland is not MJ’s property anymore and MJ fans are not allowed to visit it. Fans are sad and heartbroken. MJ estate should buy Neverland back from Santa Barbara county , and open it to public just like Elvis Presley’s Graceland. Kindly sign this petition if you want to visit Neverland and want to preserve MJ’s legacy .


Another thing is that it is a very profitable investment and with this MJ Estate will earn millions every year so kindly cooperate. If someone else would buy Neverland ,we will never be able to visit our MJ’s beloved place and we will left with nothing . We can’t let this happen!! guys i need your support so kindly take it seriously cause we have NO TIME !! Thank You..!!!

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SEOUL (Reuters) – Around 4,000 recovered COVID-19 patients from a religious group at the centre of South Korea’s largest outbreak will donate plasma for research, an official said on Tuesday, a day after local officials filed a lawsuit against the church. In February and March, a massive outbreak among members of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus made South Korea the scene of the first large outbreak outside of China.

At least 5,213 of the country’s total 12,484 cases have been linked to the church outbreak, according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC). Church founder Lee Man-hee had internally advised recovered members to donate their plasma, which is badly needed for coronavirus research, Shincheonji media coordinator Kim Young-eun told Reuters on Tuesday.

Many of recovered church members wanted to donate to express thanks to the government and medical staff, she said. The city of Daegu – where most of the church infections were centred – filed a civil lawsuit against the church on Monday, seeking 100 billion won ($82.75 million) in

damages. Daegu authorities had previously filed a complaint against the church accusing it of not submitting a full list of members and facilities, and not cooperating with city health efforts.

Shincheonji says it fully complied with government efforts. The National Institute of Health said 185 people have so far come forward to donate plasma as of Monday and said they were in talks with Shincheonji for donations. South Korea health officials have said that in the absence of other treatments or vaccines, plasma therapy may be a way to lower the death rate, especially in critical patients.

At least 17 South Koreans have received the experimental therapy, which involves using plasma from recovered patients with antibodies to the virus, enabling the body to defend against the disease.

The Shincheonji Church of Jesus in Daegu, 300 kilometers southeast of Seoul, is firmly shuttered on March 10, 2020. Members of the church account for a large number of people who were infected with COVID-19 in the country. (Yonhap)

South Korea has reported 281 deaths from COVID-19. Health authorities said they were testing 176 people who came into contact with crew members on a Russian fishing vessel docked at Busan after 16 aboard the vessel were tested positive.

($1 = 1,208.4500 won)

Reporting by Sangmi Cha; Writing by Josh Smith; Editing by William M


Film festivals are not given prominence in the Nigerian Film Industry. Most of us film industry practitioners attend reputable Film Festivals outside the country. Our government sponsors some people that have attended Toronto, Cannes, Berlin e.t.c but find it too difficult to grow the local film festival. This is not the case in some of these countries’ whose Film Festivals we attend. For instance the French government supports French Cannes festival with 50℅ of the budget because of the tourism and growth of their film industry. 

The festival’s budget is about $22 million. Half of the funding comes from French taxpayers, the other half comes from corporate sponsors, according to france24.

Film festival is the only platform that attract most film industry practitioners to a particular country for some days, and the big ones last for two weeks and give opportunities for collaboration, film market etc.

Every government want to develop their tourism industry, and film festivals contribute so much in this area.

The population of California is less than 38 million but they have over 85 film festivals, including Hollywood and others, and generated $144.9 Billion in 2019 from tourism alone. These platforms attract over 250 million visitors annually. All their film festivals are under the California film commission that support and help them to flourish every year. Film festivals are too important for any country’s film industry to grow faster.

24 Years After the Movie “DOMITILLA” RE-LOADED by Zeb Ejiro

Zeb Ejiro (OON) is  professional colleague and inspiration to several younger generation. He has paid his dues in Nollywood and can comfortably be referred to one one the fathers of second Generation nollywood.

For his Contribution the president Obasanjo government conferred on him the highest National honour conferred on any practitioner; the OFFICER OF THE ORDER OF THE NIGER (OON) in 2007

When most of us were looking for an office space, he had an office in the 80’s tucked somewhere at Olufemi Sokan st Aguda in  lagos, when many were looking at God for a car, he had this red coloured BMW that was a cynosure of all eyes.

Domittila was a 1996 blockbuster movie that grossed millions and went on to win several awards. I recall with nostalgia how the title of movie domitilla became another word for prostitution.  I will not forget to move commercial in Pidgin …. Domitilla …… Domitilla  …….Domitilla….. Ashawo noh be work soooooo….. that heralded the voice of music producer and voice over artist Johnson Davidson.

The movie starred some of the best of that era Ann Njemanze, basorge Tarriah Real Offiong Kate Henshaw, Achums Sandra, Sonny Mcdon-w  Charles Okafor, Ada Ameh, and late Enebeli Elebuwa amongst others. I have added a copy of the 1996 poster.


Fast Forward to 2020, the Sheik as we call Zeb Ejiro returns with DOMITILLA THE SEQUEL set for release in 2021 which I can confirm will have his master touch ….if you were old enough to watch TV in the 80’s, you will recall the glamourous TV soap opera RIPPLES, he subsequently teamed up with Ralph Nwadike, Tunji Bamishigbin and Charles Owoyemi,  to produce the popular Soap Opera FORTUNES in the 90’s. Zeb has several blockbuster to his credit to include NNEKA THE PRETTY SERPENT , SAKOBI, GOOD BY TOMORROW amongst others.

Our incisive investigative check has revealed that this collaboration between Zeb Ejiro Productions and FilmOne Entertainment owners of FilmOne Cinemas is a multimillion Naira movie production deal starring some of the best cast across the African continent. 

We were reliable informed that the 4  lead female cast has one of Africa’s biggest female Musician cum actress with a a large following.  Also the on lead cast list is a controversial actress who featured in a TV reality show, the third member of  the cast is one of Nollywood’s most sensational actresses whose name is on the lips of every young actress. Completing this assemble is another continental award winning actress who is a mix of the old and new generation of African cinema.

Domitilla 24 yeaqrs ago

There is so much anticipation from the public for this sensational movie. When I asked zeb what we should expect, he responded….

 HOLD YOUR BREATH for DOMITILLA THE SEQUEL scheduled to hit the BOX OFFICE in 2021 hopefully after COVID19.

By Fidelis Duker



The Management of the National Film and Video Censors Board recently instituted a reward system in recognition of staff commitment, performance, enthusiasm, leadership qualities and initiative at work for the period covering 2018/2019. The award categories, cutting across integral areas of the Board’s values, activities and mandate, was initiated to spur the workforce towards better performance and productivity for organizational efficiency and competitiveness.

Olawale Kayode of the Office of the Executive Director, bagged the 1st position in the BEST OFFICERS category; the trio of Martha Uweri, Mary Mathias and Maureen Uzozie tied in the 2nd position; while Ejike Nwodo of the Abakaliki Centre occupied the 3rd position.

In the ENFORCEMENT AND INTELLIGENCE category, Clement Ogbo secured the 1st position; Olusegun Francis, the 2nd position; while Aisha Abiola secured the 3rd position.

Lisa Osilonya sealed the 1st position in the MEDIA LITERACY OUTREACH category; Chioma Obasi stood in the 2nd position, while Ann Ebi-Odeigah picked the 3rd position.

To recognize those that have so far, with little or no motivation, taken up the gauntlet and huge risk involved in motivating their team members to mop up unwholesome and unapproved films and videos from open markets and sales outlets, in the CD SEIZURE category, the management appreciated Eniye Asomba of Benin Centre with the 1st position; Maryam Bako of Sokoto Centre/North West Liaison Office with the 2nd position; and Blessing Akwash of Kaduna Centre with the 3rd position.

The awardees, who were selected across all zones and centres of the Board, excluding officers on Grade Level 15 and above, also received cash awards. 50,000naira was awarded to those in the 1st positions, 30,000naira went to those in the 2nd positions, while those in the 3rd positions received 20,000naira each. They also received written commendations and were admonished not to rest on their oars.

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The award-winning documentary “Poverty, Inc.” provoked a wide-spread debate, taking on tough questions about development practices in some African markets and what it means for those who remain economically excluded from the enormous potential Africa holds. The special screening will be followed by a dynamic panel discussion.
Please join me, and others on the attached flyer, on the panel discussion, where we will be discussing “What lessons for Canada-Africa Trade and Investment” as scheduled below:

Date: Thursday 25 June 2020

Time: 3:00pm

Venue: Zoom

Register to join at this link: