Kikulacho – the Bite Within at Silverbird Cinemas, Nairobi

16th July 2010

Kikulacho – the Bite Within

A Film Every Kenyan Must See

This week A24 Media and Camerapix, in collaboration with Transparency
International-Kenya, launched a deeply insightful and powerful
documentary titled Kikulacho – The Bite Within, at the Silverbird
Cinemas in Nairobi.

How devastating is poor organization and management to a country and
its people? How can we ensure better leadership and a better tomorrow
for our children?

These are some of the themes explored and laid bare in the film
Kikulacho – the Bite Within. Kikulacho is a moving Kenyan
documentary that examines how corrupt systems and policies have
impacted on the common people. But it is also a story of hope and
triumph that aims to look at how our institutions and leadership can
be shaped by the people themselves to realize their dreams.

The film will be broadcast on Nation Television on Saturday July 17th
at 9.45 pm and will then be followed by a global release.

The film has been launched at a critical time in our country’s
history. Kenya is just a few weeks away from voting in a referendum on
whether to adopt a new constitution. The last time a referendum took
place on the same issue it bitterly divided the country and sowed the
seeds for the discord and violence that rocked the country and shocked
the world in the December 2007 elections.

How have our elections been organized? Why does land remain such an
emotive issue – can any constitution be used as a tool of
oppression? Using powerful, historical archive, interviews with people
across the country and a haunting music score, the film seeks some
answers to these questions. Much of the material in the film was drawn
from Camerapix’s own rich and authoritative library and gives
perspective to the tale of corruption in Kenya.

Directed by Kenyan filmmaker Murad Rayani and produced by the same
team that created such award winning documentaries as Refusing to Die
and Mo & Me, Kikulacho, promises to be another hard-hitting globally
acclaimed story. Mo & Me in particular went on to win over a dozen
best documentary awards including the New York International Film
Festival, the Chairperson’s prize at the Zanzibar International Film
Festival and was screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

A24 Media is Africa’s first online delivery site for material from
journalists, African broadcasters and NGO’s from around the
continent and its production arm, Camerapix, founded by the legendary
photo-journalist Mohamed Amin, is one of the continent’s oldest
independent production houses.

Speaking during the launch of the film, A24 Media Chairman Salim Amin

“This film is meant to serve as an eye opener. It basically is a
stop sign, for people to pause and think, before literally stampeding
into yet another crushing pitfall,” referring to the 2005 referendum
and the 2007 post-election violence. “It was so clear after the 2007
elections that the image we portrayed of Kenya as a land of peace was
a sham that brutally turned to a mess in the eyes of the whole
world,” he added.

The film covers such emotive topics as extra-judicial killings,
corruption scandals including Goldenberg and the issues of
landlessness and squatters rights. It also examines the key impact
played by such icons as Pio Gama Pinto and JM Kariuki as well as
exposing the dark underbelly of corruption. As the country stands at a
crossroads with the ghost of the last election still looming large and
the referendum approaching, the film is a must see for every Kenyan
and anyone concerned with issues of human rights, progress and how
people are governed.

“It is also a story of hope and triumph that aims to look at how
our institutions and leadership can be shaped by the people themselves
to realise their dreams,” said the TI-Kenya Executive Director,
Samuel Kimeu, in his address to the audience prior to the screening.

Premiering just three weeks before the constitutional referendum, the
film will be used for civic education with its call to action to
citizens to actively participate in decision-making processes
including the referendum and the 2012 elections. The film also aims to
provide an impetus for debate and dialogue on governance issues, and
act as a springboard for the Kenyan public to make a difference in
their communities, have a say in issues that affect their lives, and
take responsibility for the future of Kenya

“Transparency International-Kenya hopes that all Kenyans will view
this documentary and act to stamp out the attitude of helplessness and
apathy towards corruption. Accountability and transparency requires an
active role by the public. Kenyans’ power to take charge, change
their destiny and shape a better Kenya lies with their votes,” said
the TI-Kenya Board Chair, Dr Richard Leakey.

The film’s trailer and behind the scenes footage can be viewed
online under the link and the complete film will be posted soon:

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Movie On Oprah Winfrey Being Made Based On Bestselling Biography By Kitty Kelley


12 Jul 2010 19:00 Africa/Lagos

Movie On Oprah Winfrey Being Made Based On Bestselling Biography By Kitty Kelley


LOS ANGELES, July 12 /PRNewswire/ — The life of Oprah Winfrey, one of the most famous and influential persons in the world, is being made into a movie. Larry A. Thompson, acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker, is basing his story on the recent biography, Oprah, written by investigative reporter and international bestselling author, Kitty Kelley, and published by Crown Publishers, a division of Random House.

“Oprah Winfrey’s fascinating journey from rural Mississippi to the World Stage is packed with simple truths and complicated personalities,” said Larry Thompson. “Kitty Kelley’s extensively-researched book offers us the factual foundation to frame our cinematic portrait of this powerful and beloved Icon. Casting someone to play Oprah will be the real challenge. We are planning to audition both known and unknown actresses.”
“Few Hollywood filmmakers are as experienced as Larry Thompson at understanding and dramatically exploring the emotional complexities of famous people,” stated Kitty Kelley. “That’s why I was pleased that he chose my book upon which to base his movie. Compelling biographies of great people must separate myth from fact and hype from truth.”

Both Thompson and Kelley have extensive experience in the biographical arena of the world’s most revered Icons. In addition to Oprah Winfrey, Kitty Kelley has written bestselling biographies on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, England’s Royal Family, Nancy Reagan, and the Bush Family. Thompson has produced critically-acclaimed movies about Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, Sonny & Cher, and The Duke & Duchess of Windsor. His latest movie, “Amish Grace” is the most-watched and highest-rated original movie in the history of Lifetime Movie Network.

The agreement with Larry A. Thompson Organization, Inc. for Kitty Kelley’s book, Oprah A Biography, was negotiated by her agent, Wayne S. Kabak.

About Larry A. Thompson Organization, Inc.:
Larry A. Thompson Organization is a Los Angeles-based Motion Picture, Television, Talent Management, and New Media Production Studio. Larry A. Thompson, acclaimed Hollywood film producer, talent manager, attorney, author, and motivational speaker, is Founder and President. Visit and Having managed the careers of over 200 Stars including William Shatner, Joan Rivers, Scott Hamilton, and David Hasselhoff, and having produced 19 Movies for Television, including CBS’s “Lucy and Desi: Before The Laughter,” ABC’s “And The Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story,” CBS’s “The Woman He Loved,” the Royal Romance of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, plus 5 Motion Pictures, 2 Television Series, 8 Television Specials, and various Series Pilots, Thompson has received the Industry’s prestigious Vision Award and his productions have received Nominations for 8 Emmys, 6 Imagen Awards, 2 Prism Awards, and a Golden Globe. He is perennially listed in Who’s Who In America and Who’s Who In The World. IMDB For more info.

About Kitty Kelley:

Kitty Kelley is an internationally acclaimed author. All of her biographies have been best sellers, including Oprah A Biography; The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty; The Royals; Nancy Reagan; His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra; Elizabeth Taylor: The Last Star and Jackie Oh! The first five titles all debuted at #1 on The New York Times bestseller list. Kelley has been honored by her peers with such awards as the Outstanding Author Award from the American Society of Journalists and Authors for her “courageous writing on popular culture,” and the 2005 PEN Oakland Literary Censorship Award. Her articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, People, Ladies’ Home Journal, McCall’s, the Los Angeles Times, and the Chicago Tribune. She lives in Washington, D.C., with her physician husband, Jonathan Zucker.
Also visit Random House
Larry A. Thompson Photo – and

Kitty Kelley Photo –

Source: Larry A. Thompson Organization, Inc.

CONTACT: Robert G. Endara II of Larry A. Thompson Organization,
Web Site:

The Deceit Of Beauty Pageant Charades

Agbani Darego 1Agbani Darego

The Deceit Of Beauty Pageant Charades

The origin of beauty pageant competition dates back to only when God knows. The insurgence of many pageants in Nigeria which do not basically look out for the natural endowment of shape, size and brain is gradually loosing the prestige, but for personal aggrandizement.

When Agbani Darego was crowned the Miss World in 2001 I gave Silverbird Productions Limited my kudos and also much credit must be given to the then Pageant Manager Mrs. Joan who contributed in no small measure to nurture and groom Agbani to attain the enviable height of global stardom.

I agreed she deserved the crown, because I followed the competition live on television. Her victory as Miss World is not because she was more physically beautiful than other competitors but for her good instinct and intelligent answers to the questions asked (you don’t crown a dummy queen).

But today all our saints and knights and what have you have conjured their own exclusive pageants to stream out young girls who come in turns every other year as their bed mates in the name of promoting their products and fashions.

It is very damaging to the future of our young Nigerian girls who joined the competition genuinely to flaunt their natural God given nature to pursue their dreams as big time models and in furtherance of their education, but unfortunately they are now being exploited due to the harsh economic turndown of the country. You might be a moneybag, but you should stop taking advantage of these innocent young girls in the name of making them stars.

Agbani 2Agbani Darego won the Miss World Pageant in 2001.

Remember the saying “he who cheats another man’s child will not take his own child to the grave when he dies”; in other words “he who defecates along the road side, on your way back the flies will not only greet you but will welcome you.”

~ By Hope O. Opara

Toun Oni: Dedicate a Prize in Her Memory


One of the most accomplished actors in Nigeria, star actress, Toun Oni,67, passed away last Wednesday.

She would be remembered for her outstanding roles in Nigerian TV drama series Acada Campus, Checkmate, a popular soap opera on TV , Tunde Kelani’s Oleku Kunle Afolayan‘s film, Irapada, and Amaka Igwe-produced Fuji House of Commotion and so many other stage productions, TV drama and movies.

“Even with the talk of unpaid bills, Okot would order a big bottle of White Horse whisky for the great actress Florence Toun Oni who had joined the table. Presenting the whisky with a flourish Okot blew a kiss to the smiling lady.”
~ from Okot p’Bitek at Ife: Days of Dance, Dreams and Drinks By Uzor Maxim Uzoatu

Akeem Lasisi of The Punch remmebered her and noted all her accomplishments.
You can read the tribute to Toun Oni on the website of The Punch.

Supple magazine sends condolences to the bereaved family and it would be worthy to dedicate a Toun Oni Prize for the best actress of the year in Nigeria.

Sonu Niigaam to Make Rare Appearance in UK

PRNewswire, London, July 9. LONDON – Sonu Niigaam. (PRNewsFoto/United Business Media & Asian Awards Ltd) LONDON ENGLAND

9 Jul 2010 08:00 Africa/Lagos

Sonu Niigaam to Make Rare Appearance in UK

LONDON, July 9, 2010/PRNewswire/ — Legendary playback singer and songwriter Sonu Niigaam has today confirmed that he will make a rare personal appearance in the UK when he tops the bill at The Asian Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane in London on October 26.

(Photo: )

The variety, emotional range and sheer power of his internationally acclaimed voice have earned Niigaam a huge global following. A Bollywood icon, his many songs for movies, as well as his award-winning Indi-Pop albums and other varied musical collaborations, have put the 36-year-old firmly among India’s most successful and endearing stars.

The Asian Awards, in partnership with Lebara, is a prestigious new global event saluting achievement and excellence by individuals born in or with direct family origin from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan or Bangladesh. Unusually, members of the public are able to share in the celebration and tickets are available to buy online at

“Guests at this prestigious gala ceremony, including international business and community leaders, Parliamentarians, movie, music and sport stars, will witness the honouring of outstanding individuals in eleven categories – including business, philanthropy, cinema, music and sport,” said Caroline Jackson Levy, managing director of UBM Awards. “We are so thrilled Sonu Niigaam will be leading our entertainment. His pre-eminence as a popular Indian entertainer demonstrates the high quality of this great and unforgettable evening.”

Winners of The Asian Awards will be selected by independent judges chaired by Baroness Verma of Leicester, a Government Spokesperson in the House of Lords. Born in Amritsar in Punjab, India, Lady Verma moved as a child with her parents to England in 1960. “I am delighted in giving The Asian Awards my wholehearted support. This remarkable event will recognise the incredible talent of incredible Asians and I am truly honoured to be associated with it,” said Lady Verma.

Yoganathan Ratheesan, founder and CEO of the headline sponsor Lebara, said, “We’re delighted to be the headline sponsor of The Asian Awards which recognise what can be achieved with hard work, commitment and determination. At Lebara we share and promote these important values.”

The Asian Awards, a partnership between United Business Media and Indian businessman Paul Sagoo, supports Save the Children as its official charity partner.


Source: United Business Media & Asian Awards Ltd

For further information please contact Robert Janes (Stonebyte Consultants, London), Telephone: + 44(0)7974-173-403 Email:

World Première of GuGu E. Michaels’ Unge’s War Thriller at the Eko International Film Festival


World Première of GuGu E. Michaels’ Unge’s War Thriller at the Eko International Film Festival

The world première of GuGu E. Michaels’ Unge’s War thriller will be at the Eko International Film Festival (EKOIFF) tomorrow July 8, 2010, at the Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, The Palms, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.


Unge’s war is a story about Ukah (M.J. Mathias) the greatest warrior of his generation who needed his son Unge (Five times world martial arts champion, Leo U’ Che) to carry on his blood line. Unge being a puny man amongst giant warriors, have to prove that it’s not the size of a man that makes a great warrior. When Unge goes to war he’s woman Adani (Matilda Godson) befriends the prince (Eric Anderson) of her villages. Unge leads his army against the most skillful warrior of his time Kwamme (Hoomsuk) Get ready for masterful fight sequences that will leave audiences at the edge of their seats. Directed by international action director GuGu E. Michaels. Unge’s War is an epic-action adventure, that will leave you breathless.

GuGu E. Michaels is an International Action Director that has written and directed over 6 feature length pictures. GuGu E. Michaels’ vision is to improve Nigerian movies and their style, to an international standard, in order that Nigeria can truly be recognized for quality international movies. It is his belief that with solid scripts, good directing, professional cinematography, good acting, good audio, good sound design, good editing, professional music score and color grading Nigeria will be able to show the world that Nigeria has truly arrived in the world of international movie making.

GuGu E. Michaels aim to use this picture “Unge’s War” to garner the attention of major global studios into investing in the Nigerian market. That is what prompted him to open a production house “Gu International Pictures (G.I.P)” along with his partner Christian Nwankpa, the due plans to shake the world with Nigerian movies.

Features Directed by GuGu E. Michaels:

Thugz (1998)
Dangerous County (2002)
Urban Killaz (2004)
Repentance (2007)
Best Served Cold (2008)
Pastor’s Wife (2008)
Dangerous Men (2009)
Unge’s War (2010)

Inaugural Eko International Film Festival Opens Wednesday July 7 in Lagos

Umge’s War will open at EKOIFF on July 8, 2010

Inaugural Eko International Film Festival Opens Wednesday July 7 in Lagos

The inaugural Eko International Film Festival (EKOIF) opens Wednesday July 7 at the prestigious Genesis Deluxe Cinemas at The Palms in Lekki, Lagos.

Award winning filmmakers from Germany, UK, Spain, France, Albania, Kenya and Nigeria are participating in the film fiesta with over 25 films including the thrilling Glamrock City and the King of Palma.

The thrilling tale of the femme fatale, “ART ET DECES aka Glamrock City,” written and directed by Christophe Kourdouly and Stéphane Jauny, opens the film festival and to be followed by the screening of other films from Wednesday to the closing day at the weekend.

The following is the list of the selected films.
1. The Man in the Ground
Director:Jesus Risueno
Duration:19minutesSynopsis:winter,every nigh in the city streets, on unknown person is brutally murdered. There is no relation between the victims, no purpose no evidence.

Country: Spain
2. El Forjador De Historias(The Storymaker)
Director: Jose Gomez Gaugo
Duration:15 minutes
Synopsis: For better or worse, Nothing escapes my will.

Year 2009
Country: Spain
3. The Cortege(Elr Cortejo)
Director ;: Marina Sereseky
Duration: 14 minutes
Cap is the oldest to grave digger in the cemetery. Used to working amidst the suffering of others and the jokes of his colleagues there is only one person capable of taking him out of his daily routine. Every month for the last couple of years he has waited for months to take flowers to the groove of her husband. She is his last hope.

Country :Spain
4.Thunderbolt And The Mermaid
Director: Diego Sanchidrian Rubio
Synopsis: It is said that dreams are unreachable for they are far away,hiding beyond the stars. But in order to make them come true you do not have to know where they hide, you just do not have to be bold enough to

5. Balcony Boy
Director: Pilar Palomero
Duration: 10 minutes
Synopsis: Balcony Boy, poor balcony boy. His fault?

Having big ears. His bad habit? Putting his head where he shouldn’t have.

Year: 2005
Country: Spain
6. Fearful John (Juan Con Miedo)
Director: Daniel Romero
Duration: 11 minutes
Synopsis: During the holidays at his grandparents village, John meets Mary, a mysterious girl who tells the terrifying legend surrounding the peasant’s old house. John, unlike the character in the tale is fearful, Mary is not.

Year: 2010
Country: Spain
7. Antena
Director: Geatian Rexhep Koci
Duration: 19 minutes
Year: 2010
Country: Albania
8. Jinx in a Jiffy
Director: Geatian Rexhep Koci
Duration: 18 minutes
Year: 2010
Country: Albania
9. Trope Zones
Director: David Macian And Eduardo Molinari
Duration: 6 minutes
Synopsis: He’s crazy about food; she’ll do anything to please him. A perfect romance as long as something is in the fridge.

Year : 2010
Country: Spain
10. La Union
Director: Carlos A. Sambricio
Duration: 18 minutes
Synopsis: Sara encounters her boyfriend Fran, who died in a car crash six months earlier. A mysterious and breathtaking develops as Fran employs a hypnotic seduction game in order to convince Sara that he is real and that they can be together again.

Year: 2008
Country: Spain
11. Out Of Here
Director: Chino Moya
Duration: 8 minutes
Synopsis: After a dispute, a young woman leaves her older boyfriend’s comfortable apartment.

She has nowhere to go, so she wanders the streets aimlessly, eventually ending up in a café where she has a random encounter.

Year: 2010
Country: Spain/UK
12. Weightless
Director: Oliver Krafcht
Duration: 10 minutes
Synopsis: 18th Century: Five children spend the day outside in a mysterious garden. When they try to fly a kite, they discover a tree full of red berries. The oldest girl Elsie warns that these fruits are poisonous, but the children don’t listen and try them. They are sweet, but soon the poison begins to work…

Year: 2010
Country: Germany
13. Dolls
Director: Rosa Marquez
Duration: 14 minutes
Synopsis: Ana wakes up in an old abandoned stable; next to her, there is a mysterious girl who seems to have been there for a long time, but the only thing she can find out about her is her name: Irina. Ana will try desperately to get Irina’s help to escape from their captor.

Year: 2009
Country: Spain
14. Ansiedad (Anxiety)
Director: Eduardo Casanova
Duration: 25 minutes
Synopsis: Violeta Largertija is a great prima donna with social phobia. Violeta can neither speak nor relate by anybody that knows her, with her lovesick character, she survives feeding on tranquillizers.
Bertlo is crazy in love with Violeta, but he knows her problem and has a plan to know her.

EKOIFF, July 7


Come And See Glamrock City At The Eko International Film Festival On July 7



Glamrock City: A Love Story

A thrilling tale of the femme fatale, “ART ET DECES aka Glamrock City,” written and directed by Christophe Kourdouly and Stéphane Jauny, screened at the Marche on May 19th. Produced by Antetime Production, the film is of two girls who in search of inspiration kill men to capture their last breath of life and create Art from Death for their next painting exhibition. The film showed great emotion and an intriguing plot line that keeps your attention. In a twist, the directors listed above, including the third director, Luc Job, casted themselves into the final scene. An emotional and riveting tale, Glamrock City is a story of love taken to the extreme.

DATE: JULY 7, 2010