“Time for Africa” Short Documentary Film Competition by Makido Film & Ekoiff

“Time for Africa” A New Film Collaboration between Europe and Africa

By Makido Austria and Eko International Film Festival Nigeria.

makido Film Vienna and EKOIFF cooperate on bringing African film making talent and European film producers together

makido and EKOIFF present the Time for Africa! film competition. Filmmakers can enter a short feature on ” a European woman, who lives and works in Nigeria “. The film should be of a maximum length of 7 minutes.

ekoiff_2014_official_logoThe target audience is the wider public. There are no specific technical requirements. The film must be compatible with makido’s ethical guidelines and not compromise any Christian ethical values.

Applicants should be between 24 and 29 years old and either be enrolled at a university or have graduated not longer than two years ago in July 2015.

An international jury of film experts will award the prize to the filmmakers, who best display excellence in style, substance and approach to documentary film making.


Mr Hope Obioma Opara – EKOIFF, Nigeria

Ms Joana Adesuwa Reiterer–Human Rights Award 2009, Austria/Nigeria

MrGolli Marboe–makido, Austria

makido Film Vienna offers exciting internships to the two winners!

Who is makido? Makido stands for MArboe, KIno(German for cinema), and DOcumentary, but also alludes to the game Mikado, highlighting the playful nature with which we want to approach complex topics and that we want to treat our protagonists with particular care and sensitivity.

As traditional, value-determining groups, like political parties, churches but also families “in the conventional sense” lose their impact and significance in our society, what is shown on TV and in cinemas becomes increasingly important. It puts a special responsibility on those who produce films.

What is the focus of Time for Africa! ?

What comes to mind when you think of Africa? Images of poor starving people falling victim to natural disasters and corrupt politicians? The dominant images portrayed in the media serve only to enhance these stereotypical views.

And how are Europeans perceived in Africa? Aren’t they all well off with enough jobs for everyone?

Makido aims to challenge these stereotypes by telling nuanced and exciting stories about people living on the two continents.

“Rather than condemn or endorse the undoubted power of the media, we need to accept their significant impact and penetration throughout the world as an established fact, and also appreciate their importance as an element of culture in today’s world. The role of communication and media in the process of development should not be underestimated, nor the function of media as instruments for the citizen’s active participation in society…”

UNESCO declaration issued on 22 January 1982 at the International Symposium on Media Education in Grunwald, Germany

We strongly believe that news about Africa should be informed by

and produced in cooperation with independent African partners.

The lenses that we will apply are intercultural.

An intern will have the opportunity to work in one or more of the following roles:

-Journalist and content developer

– Camera Assistant (work with experienced camera operators, use of broadcast cameras and ancillary equipment as well as lighting equipment)

– Sound Assistant (Microphone technology, boom handling, radio microphones, personal microphones, a particular focus on voice recording)

– Editing Assistant (work with experienced video editors and directors, preparation, support and finishing of an edit, management of footage, archive handling and research)

– Delivery Assistant (finalise programs for transmission, creation of accessible versions, subtitling, DVD authoring)

– Production Assistant (an in depth experience of the complex processes required for any TV production)

Interns are expected to have experience using the following software packages: Microsoft Office, File maker Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, Sub-titler, Archive management, DVD Studio Pro.

Organizational details:

The placement will be for a minimum of three and a maximum of 6 months. The applicant should ideally be between 24 and 29 years old and and either be enrolled at a university or have graduated not longer than two years ago in July 2015.Females are strongly encouraged to apply. The internship will be paid. The intern is solely responsible for his or her tax declaration and social security arrangements. Makido will reimburse partly or totally the incurred cost for travel two months after the internship.

Are you interested in taking part in the competition? Please send your film on DVD, CV and motivation statement to

Mr Hope Obioma Opara, president@ekoiff.org

The deadline is 30 September 2014.

Please include

• A CV and a motivation statement, including a description of your technical skills and any references to films you have already contributed to.

• A copy of your valid passport.

• Dates of availability in 2015 and preferred length of assignment.

• A recommendation letter from academia or business.

For more information about us, please visit

http://www.makidofilm.tv/  and www.ekoiff.org