HarvestPlus and Vitamin A Cassava conference 2015

p                                Dr Odedina, Dr Paul Ilona and Mr. Fidelis Duker.

The  press briefing at Harvest plus informed us to the wonderful innovation going on over the few years in that institution Vitamin A Cassava, Vitamina A Maize, Vitamine A Sweet Potatos and Iron Beans. This event took place at  International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), Ibadan.
The Press briefing was coordinated by Mr Fidelis Duker of FAD Production Limited and HARVEST Plus lead by Dr Paul Ilona (Country Manager, Nigeria (PMT Member)

iloDr Pual Ilona

Dr Ilona gave us the overview harvest plus Nigeria activities in 2015 which was based on Vitamin A cassava, Iron bean, Vitamin A maize, Zinc Rice and Vitamin A sweet potatoes.
We had various speakers that contributed to the conference,

                                    p2Mr Fidelis Duker the CEO of FAD Production

Mr Fidelis Duker the CEO of FAD Production who spoke on Potential of Nollywood Movies and TV series in information dissemination,

p4                    Mr Hope Obioma Opara of Supple Communications Ltd

Mr Hope Obioma Opara of Supple Communications Ltd ,spoke on Communicating development projects through Print and Social Media Platforms.,

p5Mr Tunde Okoli of Guardian/TPT

Mr Tunde Okoli of Guardian/TPT spoke on Advertising and Promotions prospects for audio visual Channels.
Mr. Chikodi Okorocha spoke on work planning/Target setting/submission to HarvestPlus.
At the end Dr Paul Ilona gave the vote of thanks.
They have Vitamin A cassava which is an improvement of the cassava we eat every other day . The new Cassava with Vitamin A has other by products in the likes of fufu, garri. Cassava cakes, chips etc

harvest    Varieties of foods prepared with Vitamin A Cassava

HarvestPlus supports the National Root Crops Research Institute (NRCRI) to breed, test, and release vitamin A cassava developed through our partnership with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA). We work with public and private sector partners to multiply vitamin A cassava stems and distribute to farmers. Our network of extension agents and rural facilitators receive training in best agronomic practices, which they pass along to farmers at the household level.

HarvestPlus-LogoCreative public awareness campaigns leverage the power of mass media, including of Nollywood, in educating Nigerians on micronutrient deficiencies and the benefits of vitamin A cassava. We are also creating and strengthening demand by supporting commercial processing of vitamin A cassava into popularly consumed products such as gari and fufu that are marketed nationwide. Innovative strategies to promote adoption and consumption include model one-stop shops where consumers can buy vitamin A cassava stems, tubers, and ready-to-eat products such as pies, cakes, and fufu. Our advocacy seeks to strengthen national ownership of bio fortification through effective integration into national nutrition and agricultural policies.
HarvestPlus and its partners work in 22 states of Nigeria to promote the availability, adoption, and consumption of vitamin A cassava. The goal is that more than 1.6 million Nigerian farming households will be growing this biofortified crop by 2018.

• 30% of Nigerian children under 5 are estimated to be iron deficient (WHO). They are at risk of lowered immunity, impaired vision, blindness, and even death.
• Annually, Nigeria loses over $1.5 billion in GDP to vitamin and mineral deficiencies (World Bank)
• Provides up to 40% of daily vitamin A needs
• High yielding, virus resistant

p7The Costs of Vitamin A Deficiency
Vitamin A deficiency lowers immunity, impairs vision, and may lead to blindness and even death. • 30% of Nigerian children under 5 are estimated to be vitamin A deficient (WHO). • Annually, Nigeria loses over US$1.5 billion in GDP to vitamin and mineral deficiencies (World Bank).

Iron-biofortified beans will contribute to a reduction in iron deficiency in regions of Africa where daily bean consumption is high.

Maize has become the staple food for more than 1 billion people in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. Maize is high in carbohydrates but lacks essential micronutrients such as vitamin A.
Vitamin A is an essential nutrient lacking in the diets of poor malnourished population. Vitamin A deficiency retards growth, increases risk of disease, and can cause reproductive disorders.

p8Maize exhibits tremendous genetic diversity, and there are many types with high levels of provitamin A, a compound converted into vitamin A when the maize is eaten. These have been used to conventionally breed new varieties of maize that are an important dietary source of vitamin A maize.

More than 95% of the world’s sweet potato crop is grown in developing countries, where it is the fifth most important food crop. African farmers produce about 7 million tons of sweet potato annually, mostly for human consumption.
Children with vitamin A deficiency are at increased risk of severe morbidity from common childhood infections such as diarrheal diseases and measles, and in cases of extreme deficiency, can go blind.

p9Orange sweet potato is an extremely rich source of beta-carotene, an naturally occurring pigment that the body converts into vitamin A. Eating orange sweet potato has been shown to improve vitamin A status of children.

Rice is an ideal staple crop to bio-fortified with zinc.

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For more than 300 million people, inexpensive beans are an important part of the diet, especially in regions of Africa and Central and South America.
Iron deficiency during childhood and adolescence impairs physical growth, mental development, and learning capacity.

Iron-biofortified beans will contribute to a reduction in iron deficiency in regions of Africa where daily bean consumption is high.
Better Crops – Better Nutrition

We boost demand through awareness creation using the muti-media.

We drive supply by encouraging small and medium scale enterprise along the value chain

We link demand to supply using certified points of sale, Online market (Agroshop.com.ng) and Data base

You can purchase Vitamin A Gari,Fufu,
Flour, Confectionaries, Sterns & even
farm inputs on agroshop.com.ng

Benefits of Vitamin A
• Strong Immune System
• Healthy Skin
• Good Eyesight

HarvestPIus leads a global effort to improve nutrition and public health developing and disseminating staple food crops that are rich in vitamin and minerals.
HarvestPIus is part of the CCIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and health(A4NH) and is coordinated by International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CITA)and the International Food Policy Research Institute(IFRI) www.harvestplung.org

harvest 2

Our Partner’s List:

Senator Adeyemo Women Empowerment Scheme (SAWEC) +234(0)8023395249
Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) Ibadan +234(0)80347635X7
Justice Development and Peace Movement (JDPM) Oyo +234(0)8034437115
Oyo State Agricultural Development Program (OYSADEP) +234(0)8034992266
Dominican Center for Human Resources Development (DCHRD) +234(0)8037066261
Niji Farms +234(0)8037066261

ENVOY Consulting – +234(0)8037213341
Federal College of Agriculture (FCA) A:kure- +234(0)8133129359

National Orientation Agency (NOA) Benue+234(0)7083471769
Benue Agricultural Rural Development Agency (8NARDA) +234(0)7083471769
Redeemed Aid Program Action Committee (RAPAC) +234(0)8060855889

Development Dynamics – +234(0)8035927419
Forward Africa – ^234(0)8035608255 mo Agricultural Development Program -+234(0)8037089820

Akwa lbom State University (AKSU) – +234(0)8023150560
Akwa Ibom Agricultural Development Program (AKADEP) • +234(0)8037943714
Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) Uyo -+234(0)8033976079
Human Empowerment and Development Project (HEMADEP) -+234(0)8033596961

Harvest-‘ ,• Country Manager – +234(0)8034576085 Harvest!”,-, Marketing Officer • +234(0)8060181862 HarvestPlus Events/Partnership Officer  +234(0)7039390279    

 hope paul Mr.Hope Obioma Opara,Dr Paul Ilona and Dr Odedina

h group

                                   Group Picture of Participants  After the Event



The 2015 Annual Eko International Film Festival Winners

The 6th annual Eko International Film Festival is officially a wrap.


Best feature film: God forgive us  by  Michael Bachochin USA


ka 2

Best Nigerian Film: Heavens Hell by Katung Direkta Aduwak  Nigeria

Below find the full list of winners.

Ekoiff 2015 Winners

Feature Film Category Award

1. Best feature film : God forgive us by Michael Bachochin USA

2. Best Nigerian Film: Heavens Hell by Katung Direkta Aduwak Nigeria

3. Best Actor Jeffery Kissoon from the film Ham & The Piper Uk

4. Best Actress Bimbo Akintola from the film Heavens Hell Nigeria

5. Best Supporting Actor Chumani Pan from the film Silverain Ghana

6. Best Supporting Actress Nse Ikpe Etim from the film Heavens Hell Nigeria

Documentary Award Category

Best Documentary Under the Palaver Tree by Clair Savary France

Indigenous Film Award

1.Best Indigenous Film . Bogiri Olanu by Taiwo Samuel Nigeria

2.Best Actor Indigenous Tayo Afolayan from the film Alaaru Nigeria

3.Best Actress Indigenous Fatia Balogun from the film Bogiri Olanu Nigeria

Short Film Category Award

1. Best Short Film Awaiting Lazarus by Duke Orok UK/Nigeria

2. Best Nigeria Short Film Zyra by Douglas Enogieru Nigeria

3. Best Actor Short Film Michael Peters from the film Awaiting LazarusUK/Nigeria

4. Best Actress Short Film Abigail Ocheiri from the short film DerangedNigeria

Student Animation Film Award

Best Student Film Animation : Tatiana by Sadiq Sadiq Nigeria

1. Outstanding Young Actor Award Somadina Adinma from the film
Miss Teacher Nigeria
2. Outstanding Young Actress Award Treasure Obasi from the film
Heavens Hell Nigeria


Outstanding Young Actress Award   Treasure Obasi  from the film Heavens Hell  Nigeria

“STOLEN LIVES” kicks off 6th Eko International Film Festival


This year marks the 6th Annual Eko International Film Festival. The festival runs from November 16-21,2015.

The film “STOLEN LIVES” kicks off the Festival on Monday, November 16 at the prestigious Silverbird Cinemas Victoria Island Lagos.

The film Stolen Lives

Synopsis: A night of promiscuous escapade opens up a new chapter in the life of young Amarachi Ogudu; and an entire best-selling novel into the lives of 3 friends. It’s a web of lies, betrayals, hate, and LOVE.

Official Selection 6th edition Eko International Film Festival 2015

official selectionEvery new year brings us another Eko International Film Festival which the 6th edition will kick off November 16-21,2015 at the prestigious Silverbird Cinemas Victoria Island. Lagos, Nigeria. Below  is the Official Selection of films for the 2015 festival.

Feature Films

THE HERO                     by               Laun   KRYEZIU    : KOSOVO

GOD FORGIVE US        by              Michael  BACHOCHIN    : USA

CONFERENCING          by               Emmanuel PLASSERAUD  :    FRANCE

TRAGEDY                      by               Azita MOGOUEE :   IRAN

HAM & THE PIPER      by                 Mark Norfock : UK

POPOLO                       by                 Edo NATASHA : USA

SILVER RAIN                by                 Juliet    Asanze : GHANA

STOLEN LIVES             by                 Emmanuel Williams:   NIGERIA

REQUITE                     by                 Ego Aghedo : NIGERIA

MISS TEACHER           by                  Chika Ike :  NIGERIA

HEAVENS HELL           by                  Katung Direkta Aduwak  : NIGERIA

STIGMA                       by                   Dagogo Diminas : NIGERIA


Documentary Films

AFUERA                                       by        -U Laurentia GEBSKE  :   FRANCE



Indigenous Films

ALARAU                                      by                Tayo Afolayan :NIGERIA

BOGIRI OLANU                          by                 Taiwo Samuel: NIGERIA

IJE EGO                                      by              Osy Living Stone:   NIGERIA



Short films

ZYRA                                           by        Douglas ENOGIERU :  Nigeria

AWAITING LAZARUS                 by         Orok DUKE :      Uk/Nigeria

DUST LAND                                 by          Jacob C   ANDERSON:  USA

SPOONS                                      by          Olivia WATSON:   UK

LA BOUCLE (THE LOOP)           by          Didier CHENEAU  :   France

THE AWAKENING                       by          Steven  MATTHEWS :   Nigeria

GOLDEN RATIO                          by           Kingsley OBORO:    Nigeria/Ghana

SOBRIETY                                    by           Donatus DENIS N :   Nigeria

BROKEN DESTINY                       by           Kocabelle   GUIMINI : Nigerian Resident

DERANGED                                  by           Lawrence   CHUKWU : Nigerian



Student Animation Films

TATIANA                                      by         Faruk SADIQ, Sadiq SADIQ : Nigeria

PICO                                             by         Kelvin ATTEMIE- HART :  Nigeria


“THE MISSING GOD ” Ubaka Joseph Ugochukwu Film

missing 2

Upon the death of the village Chief Priest, Obidike gets struck by a strange sickness, leaving his mother in doubts that he has been poisoned by his step-mother. Dike, Obidike’s father and his elder brother Amadi, embarks on a quest to discover the root of such illness, after consulting the oracle through AKIKA the native doctor, it’s reveal that Obidike has been chosen by the gods as the next Chief Priest of Umuaka Village in the eastern part of Nigeria.
A sunny afternoon by the village river-side, after Obidike’s recovery from the strange sickness, Obidike sights the arrival of strangers on two canoes into their community, “Mr White” a British colonial/ slave master, “Ogoni” his Interpreter and his armed bodyguards. Obidike takes to his heel, running home to inform his father about the arrival of the strangers. the village town crier raises alarm, leading to the arrest of Mr white by the village vigilante group.
Ogoni negotiates for Mr. White’s freedom with the village elders and in the process offers them various gift items of mirror, matches, wrappers, gun powder etc, he capitalizes on their ignorance and amazement at these strange gift items to deceive them into believing that MR WHITE is God’s representative on earth. As Mr.White regains his freedom, he takes advantage of his new conviviality accorded him to perpetrate evil and destabilise Umuaka village community’s system of government. Mr. White appoints Amadi, to be the Warrant Chief of Umuaka village after a show of loyalty, out of greed and quest for power, Amadi uses his position as the village Warrant Chief to secretly eliminate opposition group, using his brother Dike as a scapegoat.


Mr. White later defied the gods when he took to captivity the chief priest to be OBIDIKE and looted some sacred idols of the village. This he did with the special connivance of AMADI, who has been jealous of young OBIDIKE’S rising profile as the new Chief Priest to be. This affront on the traditional religion of Umuaka did not however go unchallenged by the gods of the land. Subsequently, the ghost of the late Chief Priest appears many times to Mr. White, demanding the return of the stolen deity and the release of Obidike together with other slaves from Umuaka village, but Mr. White men remains adamant. Severally Obidike has been questioned by Mr. White, to tell him who’s the Old man that visits him most night demanding for his release, but Obidike’s lack of responses triggers the evil spirit in Mr White, making him instruct his guards to double Obidike’s punishment there in the slave camp.
The gods of Umuaka village decides to strike after the arrival of two british slave traders, Mr Jackson and Duncan to Umuaka village courtesy of Governor Wilberforce to assist Mr White in expanding her majesty’s business on the coast, by killing the slave masters and their local collaborators with strange ailments.
In the confusion that trailed the deaths, OBIDIKE uses the opportunity to mobilize other captives in a revolt that marked the killing of Mr White, the recovery of the stolen sacred mask and the total destruction of the slave camp. Obidike returns home from the slave camp and goes to Amadi’s house, to show him the sacred mask, after which, he goes to restore the sacred mask in Umuaka village shrine where he assumes his rightful position as the village Chief Priest, out of shame Amadi secretly commits suicide.


Why Engr. Suleiman Hussaini Adamu FNSE, MASCE Should be a minister.

 SULEMAN                      Engr. Suleiman Hussaini Adamu FNSE, MASCE
Having seen the ministerial list that will go to the Senate for screening, I came across this impeccable profile of Engr. Suleiman Hussaini Adamu FNSE, MASCE. We have been chanting for change and this will not happen until real professionals have been integrated into Nigerian Democratic leadership. Nigeria should be happy for a credible person like Engr. Suleiman Hussaini Adamu FNSE, MASCE to be part of this new dawn in our democratic system. I have always believe that the President will make a very good selection and Engr. Suleiman Hussaini Adamu FNSE, MASCE is one of the most exciting nominees which the senators have to give to Nigerians if they want a better Nigeria.

Below is his profile that will make you believe that he will surely perform as a minister for a new Nigeria.

Suleiman H. Adamu was born on the 19th of April 1963. He hails from Kazaure Local Government Area of Jigawa State.

He graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, in 1984 with a Bachelor of Engineering (Second Class Upper Honours) in Civil Engineering; and also obtained a Master of Science degree in (Construction) Project Management from University of Reading, United Kingdom in 2004.

He started his career in the public sector at the Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) in 1985, where he supervised roads and bridges construction in Abuja Central Area Project; and at the Water Resources and Engineering Construction Agency (WRECA), Kano State, where he designed, supervised and managed several water and dam projects.

He later co-founded Integrated Engineering Associates (IEA), a leading firm of civil/structural, electrical, mechanical and environmental engineering consultancy where he has been involved in the planning, design, supervision and management of several buildings and civil engineering projects in Nigeria covering a wide spectrum of engineering and infrastructural works like office/commercial structures, roads and water supply schemes.

Between 1995 and 2000, following his secondment by IEA as Principal Consultant under a partnership agreement with Afri-Projects Consortium, Management Consultants to the Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund, Adamu was actively involved in the planning and preparation of several national infrastructural projects in the health, education, transportation, agriculture, water resources and energy sectors. At implementation stage he served as Project Manager on several projects, notably under the PTF Urban/Semi-Urban, Regional and Rural Water Supply Programmes, National Farm Power Machinery Rehabilitation Programme and National Waterways Development Project (Dredging of River Niger).

Adamu was winner of the Nigeria Ports Authority prize for the Best Final Year Student in Civil Engineering, 1984.

He is a Registered Engineer and presently the National Vice President of Association of Consulting Engineering in Nigeria (ACEN). He will step in as its next President in January 2016. He is also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Fellow, Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).

He served on the governing council of Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN (2006-2009) and is sitting on various committees of ACEN and NSE.
Adamu is a policy researcher and political administrator. He served as National Vice Chairman (North West), for the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), from 2010 – 2013; and had served in leading positions in several party committees and Presidential Campaign Councils of Buhari-Okadigbo (2003), Buhari-Ume-Ezeoke (2007), Buhari-Bakare (2011), and Buhari-Osinbajo (2015). He co-prepared The Buhari Programme 2003, The Buhari Programme 2007 and The Buhari Programme for Change 2011.
He is a member of Kazaure Emirate Council, and was conferred with the traditional title Danburam Kazaure in 1998.
He enjoys reading, traveling and golf – and is the current Captain of Kaduna Golf Club. He is married with children.



The International Committee of AFRIMA and the African Union Commission, AUC, on Monday October 5, unveiled Lagos, Nigeria, as the Host City for the 2015 All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, putting to rest high expectations among AFRIMA stakeholders about the Nigerian city to capture hosting rights.

Announcing the host city, the Director of Communication and Sponsorship, AFRIMA, Ms. Matlou Tsotsetsi said: “Following the recce and inspection of facilities and infrastructure of four states in Nigeria namely: Akwa Ibom State, Cross Rivers State, Lagos State and Rivers State by the African Union Commission, AUC and AFRIMA production team, Lagos has been chosen to host the continental awards ceremony this year”.

Ms. Tsotetsi further said: “It is worth mentioning that Nigeria won the rights to host AFRIMA for three years – 2014 to 2016 – as announced at a world media conference by the International Committee of AFRIMA on October 6, 2013. Nigeria vied for the hosting rights alongside 13 other African countries eventually winning the competitive bid. As a result of this, the 2014 edition held in Lagos, while AFRIMA 2015 holds at the Eko Convention Centre, Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos on Sunday, November 15.

The most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos is renowned as the hub of music, entertainment and commerce in Western Africa. Lagos is also globally recognised as an African megacity for business and tourism. The state is famous for her aquatic splendour and vibrant festivals/events such as Eyo Festival, Badagry Festival, Lagos Black Heritage Carnival, Lagos Carnival, Eko International Film Festival, Lagos Seafood Festival, Lagos Photo Festival and the Lagos Jazz Series.

The 2015 edition of AFRIMA is geared to increase the tourism and entertainment equity of the state as the International Committee prepares to receive an influx of international and Africa dignitaries, AFRIMA 2015 nominees, music stars and executives who are attending the events.

AFRIMA 2015 will go further to offer benefits that would help in raising the continental and international profile of the city, including an opportunity to tap into the millions of participants and followers of the growing African music.

According to Miss Mary Umeh, an enthusiastic African music fans and an undergraduate of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, “We have been privileged to witness so many special moments through entertainment and music over the years in Lagos. However, having African music superstars under one roof at AFRIMA 2015 in Lagos will leave us with wonderful memories remembered with pride in years to come.

It will be truly inspiring.”

Stating the International Committee`s position on Lagos as the host city for AFRIMA 2015, the Executive Producer/President of AFRIMA, Mike Dada, said: “The International Committee is honoured to have a state that is rich in culture and tourism and shares in AFRIMA`s vision of creating a deep brand equity for Africa and Africans. This is in line with our objective of promoting Africa’s cultural wealth and producing a world-class, live performance and television broadcast show that portrays the best of Africa to the rest of the world”.

Preceding the main awards ceremony on Sunday, November 15, will be the “Africa Music Summit” on Friday, November 13. Themed “Reviving the Business of Music in Africa”, the Summit is a platform for the African music industry stakeholders to engage and deliberate on how the music industry in Africa can be nurtured in a way that adds to the GDP of the continent.

The 2015 awards ceremony is expected to be broadcast live to 84 countries on 109 television stations across the world with the support of AFRIMA media partners.

The Best International Film Festivals in Nigeria


Eko International Film Festival has an operational office.
We want to draw your attention to an article ‘The best film festivals in Nigeria’ where the Eko International Film Festival which was misrepresented by www.nigeriansreport.com and was republished by http://www.indiewire.com/ as not having operational office and many other libelous and defamation comments against the platform was a fraudulent and a malicious  report.

Eko International Film Festival
Supple Communications Limited,
No.17 Modupe Johnson Crescent
Surulere Lagos, Nigeria.
And you can reach us with the following email addresses.

Our telephone numbers are
+234 803 303 6171
+234 818 315 1753

Eko International Film Festival was registered under the Ministry of Trade and commerce of Nigeria and also registered under the copyright laws of Federal republic of Nigeria.
Eko International Film Festival currently on her 6th edition attracted 3.114 films from over 118 countries around the globe and the committee are working round the clock over these films and the festival date remain November 16-21,2015. The festival official selection will soon be announced.
In 2013 Lagos State Government endorsed the Eko International Film Festival.
The mission of Eko International Film Festival is to promote the appreciation of Arts and Culture through the motion picture arts and sciences and increase tourism in the global village.
Eko International Film Festival currently on her 6th edition have partnered with several multinational like Heineken International, Nexim bank of the federal republic of Nigeria, Multichoice the biggest tv cable network in Africa,African Magic Mnet Africa.
The festival have also partnered with some reputable media houses in Nigeria ie, Silverbird TV, Rhyme Fm stations, NTA which has the biggest reach in all the 36 states in Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory, Galaxy TV, Guardian newspaper, Sun newspaper, National Mirror, The Nich, Daily Independent, Vanguard Newspapers, This Day Newspaper, Tribune newspaper and many blogs, like Bellanaija.com, onobello.com.etc.

We are not competing with any film festival in Nigeria but open to collaboration with others for a better film industry in Nigeria.

The President/Founder of Eko International Film Festival Hope Obioma Opara has the following academic qualifications, National Dip, Higher National Dip (Finance & Banking) Post Graduate , MBA (Finance) and also Membership of the following Professional Bodies :
Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM)
Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (ARPA)
Independent Television Producers Associations of Nigeria (ITPAN)
He is also the Publisher of Supple Magazine an on line film festival and movie magazine. www.supplemagazine.org
He is the Managing Director/CEO of Supple Communications Limited & Flonnal limited.
Owner and Organizer of the annual Eko International Film Festival. www.ekoiff.org which her 6th edition is coming up November 16-21,2015. Venue prestigious Silverbird Galleria (Silverbird Cinemas) Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria.

The Film Festival president have earned press accreditation on www.supplemagazine.org platform to Festival de 3 continent in France in 2008, Cannes Film Festival 3 times, Berlin Film Festival in Germany, Rotterdam Film Festival and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences: Oscars.org in 2014, he was also invited by University of Southern California as a panelist for their 9th annual cultural diplomacy country in Los Angeles United States. see link

We encourage and appreciate any genuine organization to partner /collaborate with our annual Eko International Film Festival in Lagos Nigeria.
Looking forward having you during the 6th edition of our annual Eko International Film Festival.

Ekoiff Press Release:

‘Film festival will attract multi-million naira investments to Nigeria’

Mr Hope Obioma Opara is the President and Founder Eko International Film Festival.  In this interview with‘Wale Olapade, of Tribune Newspaper  he speaks on the Eko Film Festival, the need to invest in the industry, how it will boost tourism, among sundry issues. Excerpts:opara-mr

Mr Opara

What informed the idea of launching Eko Film festival?

From inception, I started a magazine named Supple Magazine currently online that is based on films and film festival which also included movie celebrities. I actually interviewed the former Audio Visual Attaché of the French Embassy in 2008, after going through my magazine, he advised me to write on film and film festival, this actually spurred me to get interested in the film festival.  Ever since, I have attended different international festivals. The first film festival I attended was Festival of Three Continents in Nantes France in 2008 and it was a very great experience. That push aroused my interest in organising a film festival.

Do you think it has achieved its full potential?

Yes, because this film festival is an area of the film business that the Nigerian industry (Nollywood) needs to key into, to  attract major stakeholders coming to Nigeria. It has also encouraged new entrants into the Nollywood industry for better exposure of other filmmakers’ projects from other countries.

Six years on the line, how has it positively grown the film industry in Nigeria?

Every film you watch during the film festival has a story line which always reflects what is going on in other parts of the world. For instance in the last edition, we screened a film from Uganda titled, ‘The Clan’s wife’ the story about a tradition of marriage where a father must sleep with the son’s bride a night before marriage and the film is being used as a soft power to change the harsh traditions.

What were the challenges you faced growing the festival?

The major challenge we are having here in Nigeria is the issue of sponsorship among organisers except for one of the festivals that have really secured a state government’s support. There is always the Nigerian factor of, ‘who is this guy, where is he coming from’ and such unhealthy assumptions which hinder the growth of the Nigerian film industry. But we must continue to move on because Eko International Film Festival is not a dream, but a vision.

As an allied tourism event, how have you been able to develop innovative content to attract participants and patronage?

The platform is already established as an international film festival. Honestly, the government is yet to recognise the importance of film festival is in Nigeria. In one of the interviews I granted last year, I stated that tourism is not complete without film festivals in Nigeria. I have been to Italy, Berlin, International Film Festival in Germany,  Rotterdam International Film Festival in Holland, and Cannes Film Festival in France, including the 2014 Oscar awards in Hollywood, California, USA. For those of us who have been privileged to attend such big events outside, you will know why the western world gives massive support to their film festivals. Cannes attracts 45,000 visitors or more every year and Hollywood in California attract 10 million visitors every year and California as a state in America export only IT and entertainment and the annual budget of the state is more than the whole African countries put together. You can imagine what those in the hospitality business are making within that period, taxi drivers, telecommunication companies and the financial institutions in terms of exchange including other economic indexes that trickle down to even the woman selling groundnut on the street.

Compared with other international film festivals, what are you doing differently to give you an edge over others?

We are still a very young film festival. We are working hard to replicate those major film festivals we have been attending across the globe and see how filmmakers from other countries will also start coming to us. There are no basis for comparison because Cannes Film Festival is 68 years old, Venice in Italy is 72 years, Durban film festival in South Africa is 36 years, FESPACO takes place every two years, in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso since its inception in 1969, now 46 years and Eko International Film Festival is just six years. I think film festival should have started many years ago to add value to the Nigeria film industry. In any case, we are succeeding.


Ibo Language film “Nkuma“ Produced by Madu Chikwendu

akumaBenedict Johnon .Akeem Rahman, Madu C Chikwendu, Amayo Uzo Philip Move To Save Ibo Culture In Nkuma
August 19, 2015Umuahia, Southeast Nigeria –Five years after he initiated a conference for the revival of Ibo language films, frontline Filmmaker and Activist Madu C Chikwendu has finally redeemed his pledge to the Ibo nation. His shingle Kraftman Production has completed Principal Photography on the highly anticipated Ibo Language film “Nkuma“.

Filmed on High Definition in the highlands of Abia state, Nkuma goes behind the myth to unearth the realities of being a warrior amongst the Abiriba people of Abia state .Starring Benedict Johnson, Akeem Rahman, Ben Onuegbu and Hajiya Abubakar the movie assembles a glittering cast whose mastery of Ibo language and culture will surely propel the language and culture of the Ibo’s to new heights.
The Abiriba, Ada, Abam Ohafioa peoples ofAbia State alongside the Ashanti of Ghana and the ancient Romans are amongst the world’s earliest professional soldiers. They were soldiers for hire used mainly by the Aro’s for slave raiding operations. But amongst these tribes a precondition for fullmanhood isthe provision of a specified number of humanheads. This was the ultimate test of Manhood. Some of the warriors never return from this mission.Okwute’s(Benedict Johnson) father never returnedfrom hismission. Now he must embark on a similar mission and raid a distant clan.
For Executive Producer / Producer Madu C Chikwendu:
Making this movie has always been one of my ambitions in life. Growing up in South Eastern Nigeria it is still difficult to say whether “Ndi Ogbuisi “ ( Head Hunters ) were heroes or villains but they were a bit like bogey men used to scare children…..they were supposedly lurking somewhere in the Bamboo thicket. As a Filmmaker it was quite interesting to research this phenomenon and unravel why they existed in the first instance.
Nkuma is helmed by Amayo Uzor Philip (DGN) starring Benedict Johnson, AkeemRahman, BenOnuegbuand HajiyaAbubaker aka Dambaru.Movie is helmed by fast rising DOP Chukwudi Madu with Phil Collins and Fred Amakom as Line Producer and Associate Producer respectively.
Director Amayo Uzor Philip declared that it was a breathtaking experience:
First Madu and I have been very concerned since the revelation that the Igbo language is dying. So for me it was also a mission…to save the language of my people. So we had to be careful to cast people with the necessary mastery of the language plus the physique hence the choice of BJ (Benedict Johnson as the warrior Okwute.
The movie will go on a global tour after a World Premiere in November 2015. You can watch the trailer on YouTube via this link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH_dRrmHnPg or directly from our web site here: http://mcmng.org/kraftman-production.html
Founded by Filmmaker Madu C.Chikwendu Kraftman Production is the Lifestyle, Audio Visual distribution and Production powerhouse of Madu’s MCM group ( www.mcmng.org.) Other units include Thud Worldwide Consultants Ltd and Lagos Film Institute.Notable brands include Miss Safety International Beauty Pageant, Lagos International Film Festival, and Leap International Film Festival.