Dr. Rita Orji Receiving the Award

DR. Rita Orji has won the prestigious 2018 Canadian Digital Diversity Award for Women Leader in the Digital Economy. The Nigerian is a Computer Science professor at the Dalhousie University in Canada and the award was given by Digital Nova Scotia. Three women in Nova Scotia’s ICT sector walked home with some hardware on Tuesday during Digital Nova Scotia’s third Digital Diversity Awards. The three category winners represented women in senior level executive positions who, according to Digital Nova Scotia, “have made a significant contribution to Nova Scotia’s ICT sector and are active champions of diversity in their communities or organizations.

Orji’s research focuses on investigating how interactive systems can be designed to help people move towards improved health and wellness. In 2017, she was named one of the top 150 Canadian Women in STEM by the VOLUTION, and was among the top 50 Young Most Influential Best Brains in Enugu State. She was also invited to speak to the Canadian Parliament and at a United Nations Commission on the State of Women’s Panel.

“Since 1843, women have led major advances in programming and software development, yet today women still represent less than 25 per cent of the industry. Our awards were established to address the gender gap, and actively promote role models and champions of diversity in our ICT sector,” said Ulrike Bahr-gedalia, president and CEO of Digital Nova Scotia, in a statement.



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The Winning team of THE CURE: (from left to right) Gwenn Wunderlich, Gary Quinn, moi, Ursula Vari, Alycia Vreeland and Dr. Stephen Sideroff — with Gary Quinn, Ursula Vari, Alycia Vreeland and Stephen Sideroff.

Emmanuel is humbled by getting an award for their Humanitarian Documentaries at the Garifuna International Film Festival of Venice Beach 2018.
He with members of our cast enjoyed sold out preview of their film “THE CURE”.
In Oneness We Heal The World!
Many thanks from Emmanuel Itire to Freda Sideroff and Stephen Sideroff, Gary Quinn, Gwenn Wunderlich, Ursula Vari, Alycia Vreeland, Rick Carter and the whole THE CURE team!

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I see you Award!

EM 3Thank you Freda and Stephen!!!.

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Humbled and Honored

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We rock the stage! — with Gary Quinn, Gwenn Wunderlich, Stephen Sideroff, Alycia Vreeland and Ursula Vari

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Sold out screening! — with Gary Quinn

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We are on the wall!

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Peace!! — with Gwenn Wunderlich.

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With producer and narrator Gary Quinn

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Let me explain…

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Ladies of Peace! — with Karyn Westervelt.

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My good friends Ingrid and Fernando!

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With Gary Quinn and Davide Reali.

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Thank you Freda!!!

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SelfWe! — with Freda Sideroff and Stephen Sideroff.

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More Ladies of Peace… — with Bianca Dubeux Nin McMahan.


With my buddy still photographer of The Cure: Mister Rick Carter

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