It’s Saint Patrick’s Day and
Everyone is Irish today
And we’ll have some fun along the way
Green shamrocks and a colourful rainbow
In the clear blue sky 
And the shiny pots of gold are in sight
And we’ll sing and dance
All through Saint Patrick’s night
From Nigeria to New York to
Old Wicklow town and on to Tokyo bay


With classical Irish
Music fills the air
And all the little leprechauns
Are dancing and jumping
Up in the air and the little children
Are having so much fun
And I love Saint Patrick’s Day and
I’m playing the fiddle on
This special Irish day and
The people are matching through the
Streets celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day
And the little children
Are running up and down
And chanting Saint Patrick
And we’ll drink guinness
And whiskey
All through the night
So may the love and luck
Of the Irish be
With you all today on this very
special and loving
And peaceful happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

David P Carroll.