The 77th Festival de Cannes is open!

“You may not be aware of this, but you are about to enter a parallel universe called the Cannes Vortex.” Camille Cottin was already on stage at the Grand Théâtre Lumière when lights went on for this 77th edition of the Festival de Cannes. Driven by the energy of the Worakls Orchestra, the French actress placed the twelve days of the Festival under the signs of emotion, commitment and, of course, love of cinema.

“We watch films all day long and we discuss them all night long. Nobody speaks the same language, yet we all understand each other. (…) Here, when you plunge into darkness, it’s to find light. It sounds insane, but the craziest of this is that it’s true. It is not a parallel universe. This world exists. This is where film aficionados from all over the world meet. A place for encounters, dialogs, debate, reflexion, culture, and enchantment. This is here and now. At a time of troubling and even chilling events in the world, when deep fractures divide peoples, when our planet is burning, when our collective intelligence is threatened with becoming artificial, this gathering venue is a stroke of luck. Every year, we come to Cannes to take a photograph of our humanity; we come to fill up on hope. It is infinitely beautiful.”

The Mistress of Ceremonies invited Ebru Ceylan, Lily Gladstone, Eva Green, Nadine Labaki, Juan Antonio Bayona, Pierfrancesco Favino, Kore-eda Hirokazu and Omar Sy to join her. They are the members of the Feature Film jury chaired by American actress and director Greta Gerwig.

The filmmaker who “conquered the world in three films” appeared extremely moved by the dazzling performance of singer Zaho de Sagazan, who came to sing Modern Love, the worldwide hit and the soundtrack to her film, Frances Ha.

And as we never tire of welcoming exceptional women to the stage for this opening ceremony, a long standing ovation greeted the entrance of Meryl Streep, who was in Cannes to receive an honorary Palme d’Or from the hands of French actress Juliette Binoche. The latter expressed her greatest respect: “Your face and your voice are part of our lives. You made us feel emotions. You made us grow. When I see you on screen, it’s not you I see, it is a flow that goes through you. And that is what being an actor is all about. But in reality, it is much more. It is a link created by your presence, letting beauty come to you. What flows through you in an instant is intent, thought, energy, love, truth. Where does all this come from? Is it from love? Were you born this way? What was your dream?”

Reacting to the film tribute to her career, the great American actress said: “For me, watching this clip is like looking out of the window of a high-speed train. Rushing like a flash from my youth to my fifties, right up to the present day. So many faces, so many places that I remember so well. When I was in Cannes 35 years ago, for the first time, I was already a mother of three. I was approaching 40 and I thought my career was over. At the time, for an actress, that was a reasonable prediction. The only reason I’m here tonight is because of the wonderful artists I’ve worked with, including Madame President.”

Finally, the two actresses joined voices to declare the 77th Festival de Cannes officially open!

The Opening Ceremony was broadcast live on France 2 and internationally on Brut. It was followed by a screening of Le Deuxième Acte (The Second Act) by Quentin Dupieux, released today in French theaters.

Thousands of spectators were also able to experience this exceptional evening in numerous cinemas, where the ceremony and the opening film were broadcast live thanks to the collaboration of the Cannes Festival, France Télévisions, Brut., and FNCF.

Throughout this 77th edition, the Festival Television, co-produced by France Télévisions, Brut. and the Festival de Cannes, will be covering the red carpet ascendings, press conferences, photocalls, and official events. It will also be available on, Brut. Cannes, YouTube and the Festival de Cannes official website.

The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be broadcast live internationally in English and French by Brut., without geographical restrictions, via the following links: Brut. Africa – Brut. America – Brut. Spain – Brut. India – Brut. Mexico



NGANU Feature Film by Kang Quintus (Cameroon)


IN THE COLD  Feature Film by Jeff MCcore, Emmanuel Jeff Okhuelegbe (Nigeria)


THE COLOR OF SLAVERY Feature Documentary Film by Patrick Baucelin (Martinique)
AFRICA, CRADLE OF HUMANKIND AND MODERN CIVILISATIONS Feature Documentary Film by Benita Jacques (Canada)


MOTHER EARTH EDUCATORS  Documentary Film by Endre Kvia (Australia)


U=ME  Short Film by Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni (India)


ECHOES OF WAR  Short Film by fisayo John ogunmodede (Nigeria )


KANG QUINTUS- Movie Nganu (Cameroon)


CHIOMA OKAFOR – Movie The Rising Sun (Nigeria)


JOHNSON IBE- Movie In The Cold (Nigeria)


KAYDEN TOKARSKI – Movie Roswell Delirium (USA)


IWO (TOXIN) Indigenous Film by Muyiwa Ademola (Nigeria)


WHO IS GOD? Animation Film by Oscar Adan Lopez Parres (Mexico)



The Movie NGANU Directed by Kang Quintus (Cameroon)opens the 14th edition Eko International Film Festival 2024

NGANU Directed by Kang Quintus (Cameroon)


Nganù (Kang Quintus) a violent and withdrawn man who, due to several traumas suffered in his childhood, constantly abuses and beats his wife Meukena (Azah Melvine) under the overwhelming gaze of their son Kum (Ayuk Gareth). In an attempt to come to terms with his past, he joins the army but returns to face the monster he created.



This movie will be screened during the 14th edition of the annual Eko International Film Festival Venue VIVA Cinemas Jara Mall Ikeja Lagos Time 2pm prompt Date April 22,2024. Attendance Free.


For a long time, Benita Jacques has always had questions about her origins to which she never got any answers from her parents. Today, the young mother from Montreal wants to bring answers to her children who ask her the same questions that she herself could not have. So, she decided to leave for Africa, in search of her origins. Her journey took her to West Africa and began at the Museum of Black Civilizations in Dakar, Senegal, which hosts the exhibition : « Africa, Cradle of Humanity and Modern Civilizations » . She tries to find out what was the lifestyles of her ancestors who lived on the continent before the deportation. In order to reconstruct history, she meets with resource persons who have researched and written reference books on Africa. In their company, she travels through time and space through spiritual, historical and scientific testimonies of what remains of the golden age of the continent.


Director Biography – Benita Jacques

At a very young age, Benita Jacques realised that she and theatre were born for each other. When she decided to make the stage her natural habitat, she understood that this habitat was a place of pleasure, artistic expression and also a way to share her state of mind. The trained actress who holds a DEC in Arts and Literature from Marie Victorin College and a Bachelor in dramatic arts from the University of Quebec in Montréal (UQAM), she continues to be active in various theatrica and film productions including: Storylive, L’Auberge du chien noir, 30 Vies, Rupture, Mémoires Vives, Gason Makoklen, l’Innocence, Une démocratie assassée. Having several arrows in her bow, she serves on the board of directors of the Alliance Socioculturelle et Aides Pédagogiques (ASAP), which has allowed her to be versatile and put on the shoes of an assistant director alongside her mentor Evins Valcin. This passionate about stage and theatre, with a background in arts and letters and drama, loves to share her skills and transmit her knowledge through teaching to all those who have received the call of the stage. The best way to excel in this field is to use her own platforms and set up her own productions from which she acts as director, scriptwriter, director and producer. Business woman and philanthropist, Benita Jacques is at the head of the companies: Zen Queen Media Production, JB Solutions Immobilières, Benita and Jetro Fondation as well as Impact des arts, which is involved in socio-cultural and educational productions aimed at democratising theatre and producing plays in which members of cultural communities can find themselves and make themselves known.


DATE OF EVENT APRIL 22 – 27 .2024


  1. EVOR Feature Film by Sitsofe Tsikor, Kalumbu Kapisa (Ghana) 1hr 49 mins: 44 seconds
  2. RETURNING HOME  Feature Film by Don Hoe (Malaysia) 1hr 41 mins: 42 seconds
  3. THE GLASS OF FRIENDSHIP  Feature Film by Naoufel BerraouI (Morocco) 1hr 04 mins: 04 seconds
  4. LUKAS Feature Film by Philippe Robert Jean Talavera (Namibia) 1hr 43 mins: 06 seconds
  5. SILVER LINING  Feature Film by Emmanuel Mwape (Zambia) 1hr 38 mins : 46 seconds
  6. WHITE BERRY Feature Film by Sia Hermanides (Netherlands) 1hr 29  mins : 11 seconds
  7. NGANU Feature Film by Kang Quintus (Cameroon) 1hr 42  mins : 07 seconds
  8. THE DRY FABLE  Feature Film by Zhengchao Xu (China) 1hr 24  mins : 43 seconds
  9. ALCOHOL Feature Film by Carlo Fusco (Italy) 1hr 20  mins
  10. THE RISING SUN Feature Film by Bakia Thomas (Nigeria) 1hr 52  mins  09 seconds
  11. COLD DISH Feature Film by Hollie Saint Edge (Nigeria) 1hr 23  mins  08 seconds
  12. FAITHLESS Feature Film by Jeffrey Amaechi Atuegwu (Nigeria) 58  mins  22 seconds
  13. IN THE COLD  Feature Film by Jeff MCcore, Emmanuel Jeff Okhuelegbe (Nigeria) 1hr 54  mins  50 seconds
  14. FACE TO FACE Feature Film by Robert Peters (Nigeria) 1hr 30  mins
  15. ROSWELL DELIRIUM  Feature Film by Richard Bakewell (United States) 1hr 50  mins 


  1. JOURNEY OF NOWHERE Short Film by Eric Marie Afer (Burkina Faso) 23 mins: 35 seconds
  2. SPACE EYE Short Film by Kevin Mainenti (Croatia) 32 mins: 38 seconds
  3. OUR MALES AND FEMALES Short Film by Ahmad Alyaseer (Jordan) 11 mins
  4. BUILDING 62  Short Film by Hakim Zziwa (Uganda) 30  mins
  5. GOURA Short Film by Ismaëli Nzoba (Central African Republc) 20  mins : 01 second
  6. PENDIRA (ENG) Short Film by Mike williams De Djike Kan (France) 13  mins : 07 seconds
  7. U=ME  Short Film by Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni (India) 27  mins : 47 seconds
  8. A POEM FOR GISELLE, A POEM FOR A PEASANT Short Film by Diana Mora, Camilo Correa Costa (Germany) 8  mins : 42 seconds
  9. LUCINDA´S PANDORA Short Film by Sylvia Piechocki Gonzalez (Germany) 36 mins : 40 seconds
  10. TRACES Short Film by Eric Myers, Liam O’Sullivan (United Kingdom) 4 mins : 14 seconds
  11. ON YOUR OWN  Short Film by Daniel Omokhagbo Itegboje (United Kingdom) 40 mins :  40 seconds
  12. EGO Short Film by Daniel Modupe Fakorede (Nigeria) 9 mins :  54 seconds
  13. SA’ANA Short Film by Bola Mustapha Adebisi (Nigeria) 40 mins
  14. ECHOES OF WAR  Short Film by fisayo John ogunmodede (Nigeria) 7 mins 30 secs
  15. A HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Short Film by Kevin Ruiz  (USA ) 5 mins 26 secs
  16. FIRST REFUSAL Short Film by Courtney Sanello (USA ) 5 mins 26 secs
  17. SOMETHING I CAN TEACH Short Film by Natasha C. Smith (USA) 4 mins 04  secs
  18. WAHALA BE LIKE BICYCLE – DISASTER DATE Short Film by Imole Ladipo (USA ) 19 mins
  19. ONCE UPON A MURDER Short Film by Tumushimishe Yves (Rwanda ) 15 mins
  20. MUG  Short Film by Yegor Bugayenko (Ukraine ) 6 mins 34 secs
  21. CINDERS  Short Film by Oskar Luko (Spain ) 7 mins
  22. MENOPAUSE Short Film by Fernando Derpo-Ofrasio Dalayoan, Cindy Myskiw (Canada) 4mins
  23. THE EXECUTION  Short Film by Alex Ramírez Noreña (Mexico )  17 mins
  24. ASTERISK Short Film by Xavier Herrera (Spain )  15 mins


  1. THE COLOR OF SLAVERY Feature Documentary Film by Patrick Baucelin (Martinique) 1hr 32 mins: 55 seconds
  2. WÄNDARI Feature Documentary Film by Daniel Lagares, Mariano Agudo (Peru) 1hr 06 mins:
  3. THE GREEN VEIN  Feature Documentary Film by Sara De Sousa Correia (Portugal) 1hr 30 mins:
  4. MENTAWAi – Souls of the Forest Feature Documentary Film by Joachim Peter (Indonesia) 1hr 15 mins:
  5. TO SEE THE SNOW LEOPARD Feature Documentary Film by Anna Ganshina (Russian Federation) 1hr 18 mins:
  6. AFRICA, CRADLE OF HUMANKIND AND MODERN CIVILISATIONS Feature Documentary Film by Benita Jacques (Canada) 1hr 48 mins: 47 seconds
  7. COLONIALISM AND YORUBA TRADITIONAL RELIGION: The Osun Deity Feature Documentary Film by Badewa Adeseye Ajibade (Nigeria) 1hr 16 mins: 11 seconds
  8. TRACE Tracing Rare African Canadian Extraordinaire Feature Documentary Film by Sonia Oduwa Aimiumu (Canada) 1hr  


  1. GEORGE OLE SANANGA Short Documentary Film by Bryan Ngugi (Kenya) 4 mins: 16 seconds
  2. ORMOILAA OGOL (The Strong One) Short Documentary Film by Shamit Patel (Kenya) 5 mins:: 02 seconds
  3. FINDING UBUNTU Short Documentary Film by Annette King, Ishmael Azeli  (Kenya) 22 mins
  4. Dr. Mark: PANGOLIN HERO Short Documentary Film by Garth Kingwill (Nigeria) 7 mins:: 52 seconds
  5. OUR AFRICAN HAIRITAGE Short Documentary Film by Adanna Madueke (Canada) 30 mins
  6. AKIM Animation Film by Yulia Khvan (Argentina)14 mins: 55 seconds
  7. MOTHER EARTH EDUCATORS  Animation Film by Endre Kvia (Australia) 22 mins: 17 seconds
  8. SIPPING WORDS Short Documentary Film by Ian Gituku Ngene (Kenya) 7 mins 5 secs


  1. YAN- UWA Indigenous Film by Hollie Saint Edge (Nigeria) 1hr 24  mins  08 seconds
  2. IWO (VENOM) Indigenous Film by Muyiwa Ademola (Nigeria) 1hr 48  mins  02 seconds


  1. DANCE  YOU ARE ALIVE Animation Film by Mythravarun Vepakomma (Ireland) 3 mins: 31 seconds
  2. 1 2 3 RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT Animation Film by Liangyu Chen (Taiwan) 5 mins: 07 seconds
  3. WHO IS GOD? Animation Film by Oscar Adan Lopez Parres (Mexico) 2 mins: 57 seconds
  4. THE GRAND BOOK Animation Film by Arjan Brentjes (Netherlands) 19 mins: 59 seconds
  5. ADA ANI (the awakening) Animation Film by Andrea R. Ciobanu (United Kingdom) 15 mins: 33 seconds
  6. HEKIMA YA USAWA Animation Film by Telly Gary Jeannot (Caneroon ) 1 mins: 47 seconds
  7. A TREE ONCE GREW HERE  Animation Film by Johnnie Semerad (USA ) 1 mins: 47 seconds
  8. THE BODY OF THE WORLD Animation Film by Simone Massi (Italy ) 4 mins


It’s Saint Patrick’s Day and
Everyone is Irish today
And we’ll have some fun along the way
Green shamrocks and a colourful rainbow
In the clear blue sky 
And the shiny pots of gold are in sight
And we’ll sing and dance
All through Saint Patrick’s night
From Nigeria to New York to
Old Wicklow town and on to Tokyo bay


With classical Irish
Music fills the air
And all the little leprechauns
Are dancing and jumping
Up in the air and the little children
Are having so much fun
And I love Saint Patrick’s Day and
I’m playing the fiddle on
This special Irish day and
The people are matching through the
Streets celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day
And the little children
Are running up and down
And chanting Saint Patrick
And we’ll drink guinness
And whiskey
All through the night
So may the love and luck
Of the Irish be
With you all today on this very
special and loving
And peaceful happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

David P Carroll.


The organizers of The Annual Eko International Film Festival commiserate with the family of Late  Jimi Solanke who contributed immensely to the entertainment industry in Nigeria and The African Continent at large.
He was a Nigerian Film Actor, Dramatist, Folklore Singer, Poet, a Story teller and Playwright.
The Documentary –  JIMMY SHOW won The Best Documentary in the 13th Edition of our Annual Eko International Film Festival – April  2023.* The Documentary detailed most of his works especially his humble beginning to his many professional engagements and accolades.
May his creative soul rest in peace.
Hope Obioma Opara.
President / Founder
Eko International Film Festival


Synopsis: In this autobiographical documentary, legendary multi-disciplinary artiste, Jimi Solanke reflects on his 80 years of existence, spotlighting the key events of his over six decades of professional life. He highlights attributes that made his career one of the most illustrious in Africa’s Creative industry. He talks about his early childhood and training, his theatrical, storytelling and musi performances all around the world, especially his American experience. 
Jimi’s story traces the history of beginning of professional theatre practice in Africa and, pays tribute to those who made it happen. The documentary features interviews with great minds in African theatre and culture worlds some of whom had been either Jimi’s mentors, colleagues or associates, including the dramatist, Prof Wole Soyinka, Africa’s first Nobel laureate in Literature.


Eve Elyne, a 16-year-old musical sensation from Kerala, India, now residing in Colchester, UK, is all set to captivate the music world with her debut single ‘My Lover’. Eve, a multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter is not only the voice behind the song, but also the creative force, having written, composed, orchestrated, performed and produced the track entirely on her own under the banner Teal Meadow.
‘My Lover’ captures the profound emotional depths that love can stir, beautifully illustrating feelings of longing, nurturing, and the yearning for a loved one’s prosperity. The music video, filmed in the picturesque locations of Dedham village area, Dedham town centre, and Colchester town centre, is now available on Eve’s YouTube channel, @EveElyneOfficial.


Sohan Roy

The video was released by Mr. Sohan Roy, the notable director of the Oscar-contented film Dam999 and CEO of the UAE’s Aries Group of Companies, who has been recognized in Forbes.
Currently a student at The Gilberd School in Colchester, Essex, Eve Elyne is no stranger to leadership roles. She serves as Deputy Head Girl at her school, demonstrating her multi-faceted talents as the Lead Electric Guitarist for her school’s Soul Band, a Sports Captain, a Diversity Champion, and a runner-up in Public Speaking.

Eve’s passion for music has been a lifelong pursuit. With dreams of becoming a professional touring musician, she has been honing her skills on multiple instruments including drums, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard, piano and more. Eve began writing songs at the tender age of 12, drawing inspiration from various singer-songwriters. She is also an emerging cricket player who has been selected for Essex Women’s Team and England’s Emerging Players Program.

Eve Elyne

Eve’s dedication to her musical pursuits is evident in her achievement of Grade 6 in Trinity for keyboard, which she started learning at the age of 9. Currently working towards Grade 7, she has also completed Grade 4 in drums. This self-driven musician has also showcased her drumming talent in the Battle of the Bands with her School Rock Band when she was studying at the Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Luton.
Adarsh Kurian is the one behind the camera and in the editing room for the project ‘My Lover’. Eve was aided by the expertise of Alan Jones, a sound engineer and founder of Colchester’s Black Cactus Studios for the sound mixing of the song. In addition, the guitar elements of the song were skillfully managed by Finn Godwin, a close friend of Eve.

Eve Elyne

The debut of ‘My Lover’ marks a significant milestone in Eve’s musical journey, bringing her one step closer to her dream of performing in front of a large audience and making her mark in the music industry.


In today’s interconnected world, the role of international film festivals has transcended mere entertainment and has become a powerful tool for fostering cultural exchange, promoting understanding, and unifying people from different parts of the globe. These festivals serve as platforms for filmmakers, artists, and audiences to come together, share their stories, and celebrate the diversity of human experiences. In this blog post, we will explore the significant role that international film festivals play as a unifying factor in our world.
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Celebrating Cultural Diversity:
International film festivals showcase a wide range of films from various countries, cultures, and languages. They provide a unique opportunity to experience the richness and diversity of global cinema. By bringing together films from different backgrounds, festivals expose audiences to unfamiliar stories, traditions, and perspectives. This celebration of cultural diversity helps to bridge gaps and foster a sense of unity among people from different parts of the world.
Promoting Cross-Cultural Understanding:
One of the key roles of international film festivals is to promote cross-cultural understanding. Films have the power to transcend language barriers and communicate universal emotions and experiences. When audiences watch films from different cultures, they gain insights into the lives and struggles of people from diverse backgrounds. This exposure to different perspectives helps break down stereotypes, challenge prejudices, and promote empathy and understanding.
Supporting Independent Filmmakers:
International film festivals provide a vital platform for independent filmmakers to showcase their work on a global stage. These festivals often focus on showcasing films that may not have mainstream appeal but carry important social, political, or cultural messages. By giving voice to these filmmakers, festivals contribute to the democratization of storytelling and provide an alternative to the dominance of commercial films. This support for independent filmmakers nurtures creativity, encourages diverse storytelling, and contributes to the vibrant cinematic landscape.
Encouraging Global Collaboration:
Film festivals serve as meeting grounds for filmmakers, producers, distributors, and industry professionals from around the world. These events offer opportunities for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas. Filmmakers can find potential co-production partners, secure distribution deals, and gain exposure to international markets. Such collaborations foster cultural exchange, promote global dialogue, and contribute to the growth and development of the film industry as a whole.

Showcasing Social and Political Issues:
International film festivals often highlight films that address pressing social and political issues. These films shed light on topics such as human rights, environmental concerns, gender equality, and social justice. By showcasing such films, festivals provide a platform for discussions, debates, and advocacy. They enable audiences to engage with important global issues and inspire them to take action. In this way, film festivals can play a significant role in raising awareness, promoting social change, and unifying people around shared causes.
Fostering Tourism and Economic Growth:
International film festivals not only attract filmmakers and industry professionals but also draw audiences from around the world. These events contribute to the growth of local economies, as visitors spend money on accommodation, dining, transportation, and other services. Film festivals also help promote tourism and cultural exchange, as attendees often explore the host city or country during their visit. This economic impact and cultural exchange further strengthen the ties between different nations and contribute to the unification of people globally.
International film festivals have emerged as powerful tools for unifying people from different parts of the world. By celebrating cultural diversity, promoting cross-cultural understanding, supporting independent filmmakers, encouraging global collaboration, showcasing social and political issues, and fostering tourism and economic growth, these festivals play a crucial role in bridging gaps, promoting empathy, and creating a sense of shared humanity. As we continue to navigate an increasingly interconnected world, the significance of international film festivals as unifying factors cannot be overstated.
– Nwaubani Obi M
Features writer: Supple Magazine
                                                                                       Copyright 2024


TALES OF OUR LEGENDS is a documentary package aimed at showcasing these people and their deeds to the world, refreshing the memories of those who knew of them and bringing them afresh to the knowledge of those who have never heard and never known of them, this is also geared towards immortalizing them and to create a platform for their “Hall of fame” inclusion by our Government and the Industry they represent.


Heroes, Legends, People who have in one way or the other impacted our lives positively, warriors who led us through wars and won battles of life in time past. Great men and women, young and old, who have been exceptional in thier spheres, people of Great courage whose acts in there different fields of endeavour – academy, politics, music, movie, military, sports, Leadership etc, have printed their names and that of our Great country in the world map and thus shaped the future that we now enjoy.
Most of these rare and exceptional citizens are dead and gone, others are still waxing strong among us, while a lot are still languishing in abject poverty on the street with no one to take care of them. Some of them we know, some others are talked about for different reasons.


Monica Omorodion Swaida

Monica Omorodion Swaida started her professional career a long time ago. As a teenager, she was part of a rap group called Sound on Sound, later became a backup singer for top Musicians like Majek Fashek, Sunny Okosun, Evi Edna and many more. She did a lot of studio work for various of artists, voice over and jingle for adverts. She left motherland and show business to focus on education abroad. Monica faced the world of business and currently the president of  an Insurance company in Boston Massachusetts. She is also the owner of a movie production company and she is a real estate investor.Monica  produced her award-winning movies like Faces of Love with Robert Peters. She wrote the sound track for Faces of Love titled “My baby is gone” She also wrote the movie sound track for Award winning Movie “Esohe” Titled “I am in love” which she also co produced. Her song Palava won people’s choice for favorite video and also won a Akademia music award. She has gone on to produce many other movies including the Mailman, Deep fever, Nightmare at dusk, Charlie Charlie, , among many others. She is the executive producer and co director of Tales of our legends.