British Beauty Queen Becomes Latest Sensation in Bollywood

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Miss Liverpool and Miss Teen World Amy Jackson, 18, has her dazzling eyes set on winning the Miss England Crown, but her first movie role in the South-Indian Chennai based Tamil film Madrasapattinam has suddenly turned her into an overnight Bollywood star since the film was released on July 9, 2010 with positive reviews.

Amy Jackson

The British beauty queen from Woolton, Liverpool, said: “We did a promotional tour across India and everywhere we went there were thousands of screaming fans. It’s so crazy. Everything’s calm at home and I’m just Amy but when I go to India I get mobbed.”

Madrasapattinam was directed by A. L. Vijay, who has directed directed Kireedam (2007) and Poi Solla Porom (2008).

Cast: Arya, Amy Jackson, Alexx o’Nell, Nassar, Cochin Hanifa, Bala Singh and others.
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Director: AL Vijay
Producer: Kalapathi S Agoram.
Release date: July 9th, 2010

The Story

‘Madrasapattinam’ begins with a gloomy frame, with a funeral taking place, in the London city. The death ceremony is for a person named William Space, who has an old lady as his wife. The wife of William Space has a blot clot, camouflaged in her brain and that becomes intense during the funeral, thus making the old lady motionless and senseless. On a doctor consultation, they give 50/50 chances for the lady to survive after an intense surgery to her brain. But the lady gains her confidence and in sheer determination, leaves for India, in order to fulfill her last desire.

The lady enters the city of Chennai, where she memorizes all her past and the reel flows to the year 1945. She is none other than the female lead Amy Wilkinson. At the age of 18, she enters Madras, where the regime of the British is in full swing. She is a daughter of Governor General and meets a dhobi Ilamparidhi-Paridhi (Arya), who is also a professional wrestler. Paridhi belongs to washer men community and washes clothes of the British men, who are ruling the nation. Amy has a golf ground, which is in the place allotted for the dhobi community. Incidentally, she meets Paridhi (Arya) and she falls in love with him. Paridhi is a brave man and never bows to the death and goes according to his mind.

Soon, Paridhi and Amy fall in love, but then the British ruled India, is freed from the pangs of slavery. Indians are given the independence and the Britishers choose to leave the sub continent. For every Indian populace, independence is like a boon of god. But for Amy and Paridhi it is a curse, as they will get separated. Soon, like in every film story, Robert Ellis (Alexx) enters the lives of Paridhi and Amy. He is behind them and wants to prove that a britsiher is in love with a unchaste Dhobi.

The governor general learns about this and orders his men to kill Paridhi. He then takes Amy to London. But due to immense love Amy escapes the pangs of her father and reaches Madras in search of Paridhi.

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