Eko International Film Festival Launch a Film Institute.

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The annual Eko International Film Festival is to launch a film institute during her 7th edition coming up October 24-29.2016.The institute is billed to fill the gap between the new entrants into the Nollywood film industry and established practitioners.

The launch will be during the festival workshop on

Youth development in art workshop: 7th edition Eko Int’l Film Festival.

Our two-day workshop in youth development in Arts will be of immense benefit to our young generation. Arts can save lives. Arts can turn around a troubled teenager; get young men and women off the streets into creative and constructive pursuit. Art can change attitude, build self-esteem and redirect the path of wayward, art can also prevent despair. The workshops will engage young men and women into a more meaningful way to look inside themselves to rediscover their potentials.

Training Modules

  • Screening-writing
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Sound

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