Universal Movie Awards Set for Inaugural Edition

HOPE OBIOMA OPARA President/ Founder Universal Movie Awards

The Universal Movie Awards is an annual international Award based in Nigeria.

The Universal Movie Awards is geared towards presenting a platform through which the Nigerian film industry Nollywood will host filmmakers all over the world.

The Primary vision of UNIMA is to add value and creatively enrich the entertainment industry through excellent work in film and television.

The mission of Universal Movie Awards is: “the celebration of professional Excellence in the Global Film/Television Industry.”

We currently have films submitted for the award from every continent of the world. and they all have equal opportunity to compete in every categories of the awards.

UNIMA also house a Movie Academy for Film, Arts, Culture and talent development. The President/Founder Mr. Hope Obioma Opara stated that Universal Movie Awards (UNIMA)  Art Academy  known as “ UNIVERSAL MOVIE ACADEMY” is for the development of contemporary motion picture environment whereby  talents among youthful bracket in the aspect of motion picture – catering to script writing, acting, filmmaking, cinematography, Directing etc.

Arts can save lives. Arts can turn around troubled teenagers; get young men and women off the streets into creative and constructive pursuits. Art can change attitude, build self-esteem and redirect the path of the wayward. Art can also prevent despair. Art can add color and brighten the world.

The workshops will engage young men and women into more meaningful ways to look inside themselves to rediscover their potentials.

We look forward to Donations /Sponsorship and  partnerships with the government and corporate organization to enable us achieve, drive, enhance this edition to be hosted in Nigeria.

UNIMA inaugural edition will be held in September 25, 2021, in Nigeria