The Management of the National Film and Video Censors Board recently instituted a reward system in recognition of staff commitment, performance, enthusiasm, leadership qualities and initiative at work for the period covering 2018/2019. The award categories, cutting across integral areas of the Board’s values, activities and mandate, was initiated to spur the workforce towards better performance and productivity for organizational efficiency and competitiveness.

Olawale Kayode of the Office of the Executive Director, bagged the 1st position in the BEST OFFICERS category; the trio of Martha Uweri, Mary Mathias and Maureen Uzozie tied in the 2nd position; while Ejike Nwodo of the Abakaliki Centre occupied the 3rd position.

In the ENFORCEMENT AND INTELLIGENCE category, Clement Ogbo secured the 1st position; Olusegun Francis, the 2nd position; while Aisha Abiola secured the 3rd position.

Lisa Osilonya sealed the 1st position in the MEDIA LITERACY OUTREACH category; Chioma Obasi stood in the 2nd position, while Ann Ebi-Odeigah picked the 3rd position.

To recognize those that have so far, with little or no motivation, taken up the gauntlet and huge risk involved in motivating their team members to mop up unwholesome and unapproved films and videos from open markets and sales outlets, in the CD SEIZURE category, the management appreciated Eniye Asomba of Benin Centre with the 1st position; Maryam Bako of Sokoto Centre/North West Liaison Office with the 2nd position; and Blessing Akwash of Kaduna Centre with the 3rd position.

The awardees, who were selected across all zones and centres of the Board, excluding officers on Grade Level 15 and above, also received cash awards. 50,000naira was awarded to those in the 1st positions, 30,000naira went to those in the 2nd positions, while those in the 3rd positions received 20,000naira each. They also received written commendations and were admonished not to rest on their oars.

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