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The maiden edition of the annual NOLLYWOOD DIVAS AWARDS MAGAZINE ® is for the inaugural Nollywood Divas Awards coming up at the 3rd Eko International Film Festival in November 2012. This special edition of the NOLLYWOOD DIVAS AWARDS MAGAZINE ® is for the celebration of the leading ladies of Nollywood, the phenomenal Nigerian film industry in the world. Both the digital and print versions will be circulated and distributed gratis worldwide and exhibited at the forthcoming 65th Cannes International Film Festival as the biggest film festival in the world pays a special memorial tribute to the legendary Hollywood Diva Marilyn Monroe, who has been selected as the “icon” of the festival for its 65th anniversary. We shall use this event to showcase the best of our own Nollywood Divas to the whole world. The NOLLYWOOD DIVAS AWARDS MAGAZINE ® NOT FOR SALE. The voting for the Nollywood Divas Awards will open soon. So, stay tuned to vote for your favourite Nollywood Diva!

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