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TALES OF OUR LEGENDS is a documentary package aimed at showcasing these people and their deeds to the world, refreshing the memories of those who knew of them and bringing them afresh to the knowledge of those who have never heard and never known of them, this is also geared towards immortalizing them and to create a platform for their “Hall of fame” inclusion by our Government and the Industry they represent.


Heroes, Legends, People who have in one way or the other impacted our lives positively, warriors who led us through wars and won battles of life in time past. Great men and women, young and old, who have been exceptional in thier spheres, people of Great courage whose acts in there different fields of endeavour – academy, politics, music, movie, military, sports, Leadership etc, have printed their names and that of our Great country in the world map and thus shaped the future that we now enjoy.
Most of these rare and exceptional citizens are dead and gone, others are still waxing strong among us, while a lot are still languishing in abject poverty on the street with no one to take care of them. Some of them we know, some others are talked about for different reasons.


Monica Omorodion Swaida
Monica Omorodion Swaida started her professional career a long time ago. As a teenager, she was part of a rap group called Sound on Sound, later became a backup singer for top Musicians like Majek Fashek, Sunny Okosun, Evi Edna and many more. She did a lot of studio work for various of artists, voice over and jingle for adverts. She left motherland and show business to focus on education abroad. Monica faced the world of business and currently the president of  an Insurance company in Boston Massachusetts. She is also the owner of a movie production company and she is a real estate investor.Monica  produced her award-winning movies like Faces of Love with Robert Peters. She wrote the sound track for Faces of Love titled “My baby is gone” She also wrote the movie sound track for Award winning Movie “Esohe” Titled “I am in love” which she also co produced. Her song Palava won people’s choice for favorite video and also won a Akademia music award. She has gone on to produce many other movies including the Mailman, Deep fever, Nightmare at dusk, Charlie Charlie, , among many others. She is the executive producer and co director of Tales of our legends.