“THE MISSING GOD ” Ubaka Joseph Ugochukwu Film

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Upon the death of the village Chief Priest, Obidike gets struck by a strange sickness, leaving his mother in doubts that he has been poisoned by his step-mother. Dike, Obidike’s father and his elder brother Amadi, embarks on a quest to discover the root of such illness, after consulting the oracle through AKIKA the native doctor, it’s reveal that Obidike has been chosen by the gods as the next Chief Priest of Umuaka Village in the eastern part of Nigeria.
A sunny afternoon by the village river-side, after Obidike’s recovery from the strange sickness, Obidike sights the arrival of strangers on two canoes into their community, “Mr White” a British colonial/ slave master, “Ogoni” his Interpreter and his armed bodyguards. Obidike takes to his heel, running home to inform his father about the arrival of the strangers. the village town crier raises alarm, leading to the arrest of Mr white by the village vigilante group.
Ogoni negotiates for Mr. White’s freedom with the village elders and in the process offers them various gift items of mirror, matches, wrappers, gun powder etc, he capitalizes on their ignorance and amazement at these strange gift items to deceive them into believing that MR WHITE is God’s representative on earth. As Mr.White regains his freedom, he takes advantage of his new conviviality accorded him to perpetrate evil and destabilise Umuaka village community’s system of government. Mr. White appoints Amadi, to be the Warrant Chief of Umuaka village after a show of loyalty, out of greed and quest for power, Amadi uses his position as the village Warrant Chief to secretly eliminate opposition group, using his brother Dike as a scapegoat.


Mr. White later defied the gods when he took to captivity the chief priest to be OBIDIKE and looted some sacred idols of the village. This he did with the special connivance of AMADI, who has been jealous of young OBIDIKE‚ÄôS rising profile as the new Chief Priest to be. This affront on the traditional religion of Umuaka did not however go unchallenged by the gods of the land. Subsequently, the ghost of the late Chief Priest appears many times to Mr. White, demanding the return of the stolen deity and the release of Obidike together with other slaves from Umuaka village, but Mr. White men remains adamant. Severally Obidike has been questioned by Mr. White, to tell him who’s the Old man that visits him most night demanding for his release, but Obidike’s lack of responses triggers the evil spirit in Mr White, making him instruct his guards to double Obidike’s punishment there in the slave camp.
The gods of Umuaka village decides to strike after the arrival of two british slave traders, Mr Jackson and Duncan to Umuaka village courtesy of Governor Wilberforce to assist Mr White in expanding her majesty’s business on the coast, by killing the slave masters and their local collaborators with strange ailments.
In the confusion that trailed the deaths, OBIDIKE uses the opportunity to mobilize other captives in a revolt that marked the killing of Mr White, the recovery of the stolen sacred mask and the total destruction of the slave camp. Obidike returns home from the slave camp and goes to Amadi’s house, to show him the sacred mask, after which, he goes to restore the sacred mask in Umuaka village shrine where he assumes his rightful position as the village Chief Priest, out of shame Amadi secretly commits suicide.