ID picks up The Cross and the Towers ahead of 9/11 10th Anniversary

The Cross and the Towers

Montreal-based boutique film, television and web marketing company ID Communications inc has picked up rights for The Cross and the Towers, the award winning September 11 documentary amid memorial controversy.

“This film deals with a very large and sensitive issue, the devastation caused by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. But for me as a filmmaker, it also deals with an even larger issue – human suffering. In making this film we asked the very difficult question, ‘Can there be hope in the midst of devastation?’ And the answer we discovered was both amazing and powerful. The Cross and The Towers is a story of hope, a story that will impact anyone who has ever dealt with suffering.”

New York City and officials named in lawsuit regarding inclusion of Twin Towers “Cross” at 10th anniversary memorial site

Montreal, Canada (August 4, 2011) – A legal battle is heating up between New York city officials and atheist interest group American Atheists Inc. over two charred metal beams in the form of a cross which were rescued from the twin towers rubble at ground zero, and now planned as part of the 10th anniversary commemoration of the 9/11 attacks. During critical rescue operations, the beams were a spontaneous source of inspiration to numerous firefighters and first-responders at the scene, as recounted in the award winning documentary ‘The Cross and the Towers’. The event will be attended by president Obama and many other key officials.

“The proposed lawsuit appears to hinge on the frustration of an atheist interest group with regards to purported religious symbols like the steel cross being included in a memorial such as 9/11. The film ‘The Cross and Towers’ in fact tells the story of how more than a few of New York’s firemen and policemen drew strength for a few moments between moments of panic, from this unlikeliest of christian symbols perched amid the wreckage of the twin towers. The pieces of metal have since been included in a range of memorials marking the tragedy. To be frank, as the international distributor of the film, I am happy to announce the controversy has attracted a lot of attention from worldwide TV and DVD outlets which we work with: says Dan Shannon, of ID Communications, the films international TV distributor.

“When we made this film it won prizes and was recognized at several international film festivals. Now on the eve of the 10th anniversary at ground zero, I think we have the only authoritative and complete re-telling of the story behind the cross at ground zero. Today if the lawsuit serves as a platform to allow the stories of these bravest of American men and women to be heard by a wider audience, we feel it will have served a noble purpose” says the film’s producer Scott Perkins of Crossing Hollow Films.

The 54-minute documentary won Audience Choice Award at Palm Beach International Festival, Best Film at Gloria Film Festival, Crystal Heart at Heartland Film Festival and finalist in USA Film Festival.

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The Cross and The Towers

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