Official Result of the Winners of the 68th Venice Film Festival

Russian Alexander Sokurov’s “Faust” a free cinematic interpretation of the Faust legend from the adaptations by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Thomas Mann won the Golden Lion at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.
The film cost €8 million.

Aleksandr Sokurov with the Golden Lion

Official Result of the Winners of the 68th Venice Film Festival

Hanna Schygulla in “Faust”

Golden Lion for Best Film

Faust by Aleksander Sokurov (Russia)

Silver Lion for Best Director
Shangjun CAI
for the film Ren Shan Ren Hai (People Mountain People Sea) (China – Hong Kong)

Special Jury Prize
Terraferma by Emanuele Crialese (Italy)

Coppa Volpi for Best Actor
Michael Fassbender
in the film Shame by Steve McQueen (United Kingdom)

Coppa Volpi for Best Actress
Deanie Yip in the film Tao jie (A Simple Life) by Ann Hui (China – Hong Kong)

Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best New Young Actor or Actress
Shôta Sometani and Fumi Nikaidô
in the film Himizu by Sion Sono (Japan)

Osella for the Best Cinematography
Robbie Ryan
for the film Wuthering Heights by Andrea Arnold (United Kingdom)

Osella for Best Screenplay
Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthimis Filippou
for the film Alpis (Alps) by Yorgos Lanthimos (Grecia)

Lion of the Future – “Luigi De Laurentiis”Venice Award for a Debut Film
Là-bas by Guido Lombardi (Italy) – International Critics’ Week
and a prize of 100,000 USD, donated by Filmauro di Aurelio e Luigi De Laurentiis, to be divided equally between the director and the producer

Orizzonti Award
(full-length films):
Kotoko by Shinya Tsukamoto (Japan)

Special Orizzonti Jury Prize (full-length films):
Whores’ Glory di Michael Glawogger (Austria, Germania)

Orizzonti Award:
Accidentes Gloriosos (medium-length films) by Mauro Andrizzi and Marcus Lindeen (Sweden, Denmark, Germany)

Orizzonti Award (short films):
In attesa dell’avvento by Felice D’Agostino and Arturo Lavorato (Italia)

Special Mentions:
O Le Tulafale (The Orator) by Tusi Tamasese (New Zealand, Samoa)
All The Lines Flow Out by Charles LIM Yi Yong (Singapore)

Controcampo Award
(for narrative feature-length films)
Scialla! by Francesco Bruni

Controcampo Award (for short films)
A Chjàna by Jonas Carpignano

Controcampo Doc Award (for documentaries)
Pugni chiusi by Fiorella Infascelli

Special Mentions:
to the documentary Black Block by Carlo Augusto Bachschmidt
to Francesco Di Giacomo for the cinematography of Pugni chiusi

Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement
Marco Bellocchio

Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award 2011
Al Pacino

Persol 3D Award for the Most Creative Stereoscopic Film of the Year
Zapruder Filmmakers Group (David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi, and Monaldo Moretti)

L’Oréal Paris Award for Cinema
Nicole Grimaudo

Countries of the filmmakers whose films were screened at the 68th Venice International Film Festival

Edgardo COZARINSKY, Nocturnos (Orizzonti)
Amiel COURTIN-WILSON, Hail (Orizzonti)
Josef DABERNIG, Hypercrisis (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Michael GLAWOGGER, Whores’ Glory (Orizzonti)
Norbert PFAFFENBICHLER, Conference (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Chantal AKERMAN, La Folie Almayer(Out Of Competition)
Nicolas PROVOST, The Invader (Orizzonti)
Nicolas PROVOST, Moving Stories (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Wim VANDEKEYBUS, Monkey Sandwich (Orizzonti Events)
Helvécio MARINS JR., Clarissa CAMPOLINA, Girimunho (Swirl) (Orizzonti)
Mary HARRON, The Moth Diaries (Out Of Competition)
Mark LEWIS, Black Mirror at the National Gallery (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
José Luis TORRES LEIVA, Verano (Orizzonti)
XU Haofeng, Wokou de zongji (The Sword Identity) (Orizzonti)


Tomás LUNÁK, Alois Nebel (Out Of Competition)
Tamer EZZAT, Ayten AMIN, Amr SALAMA, Tahrir 2011 (Out Of Competition)
Eija-Liisa AHTILA, The Annunciation (Orizzonti Events)
Yves CAUMON, L’Oiseau (Orizzonti)
Mati DIOP, Snow Canon (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Philippe FAUCON, La Désintégration(Out Of Competition)
Philippe GARREL, Un été brûlant (Venezia 68)
Claude NURIDSANY, Marie PERENNOU, La Clé des champs (Out Of Competition)
Roman POLANSKI, Carnage (Venezia 68)
Marjane SATRAPI, Vincent PARONNAUD, Poulet aux prunes (Venezia 68)
Marina de VAN, Le Petit Poucet (Orizzonti)
Yolande ZAUBERMAN, Would You Have Sex with an Arab? (Orizzonti)
David CRONENBERG, A Dangerous Method (Venezia 68)
Heinz EMIGHOLZ, Parabeton – Pier Luigi Nervi and Roman Concrete (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Christoph GIRARDET, Matthias MÜLLER, Meteor (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Romuald KARMAKAR, Die Herde des Herrn (Orizzonti)
Victor KOSSAKOVSKY, Vivan las Antipodas! (Out Of Competition)
Yorgos LANTHIMOS, Alpis (Alps) (Venezia 68)
CHING Siu-tung, Baish echuanshuo (The Sorcerer and the White Snake) (Out Of Competition)
Ann HUI, Taojie (A Simple Life) (Venezia 68)
Johnnie TO, Duo Mingjin (Dyut Ming Gam) (Life Without Principle) (Venezia 68)
Amit DUTTA, Sonchidi (Golden Bird) (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Gurvinder SINGH, Anhey ghorhey da daan (Alms of the Blind Horse) (Orizzonti)
Eran KOLIRIN, Hahithalfut (The Exchange) (Venezia 68)
Cristina COMENCINI, Quando la notte (Venezia 68)
Emanuele CRIALESE, Terraferma (Venezia 68)
Pippo DELBONO, Amore carne (Orizzonti)
Francesco MASELLI, Carlo LIZZANI, Ugo GREGORETTI, Nino RUSSO, Scossa (Out Of Competition)
Ermanno OLMI, Il villaggio di cartone (Out Of Competition)
Gian Alfonso PACINOTTI, L’ultimo terrestre (Venezia 68)
Alessandro PARIS, Sibylle RIGHETTI, Questa storia qua (Event Out Of Competition)
Yuri ANCARANI, Piattaforma Luna (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Felice D’AGOSTINO, Arturo LAVORATO, In attesa dell’avvento (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
FLATFORM, Movimenti di un tempo impossibile (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Yervant GIANIKIAN, Angela RICCI – LUCCHI, Notes sur nos voyages en Russie 1989 – 1990 (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Pietro MARCELLO, Marco Bellocchio. Venezia 2011. Diploma di regia (Out Of Competition) – short film
Pietro MARCELLO, Il silenzio di Pelesjan (Orizzonti Event)
Fabio SCACCHIOLI, Vincenzo CORE, Miss Candace Hilligoss’ Flickering Halo (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Isamu HIRABAYASHI, 663114 (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Mirai MIZUE, Modern N° 2 (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Amir NADERI, Cut (Orizzonti)
Takashi SHIMIZU, Rabitto horaa 3D (Tormented) (Out Of Competition)
Sion SONO, Himizu (Venezia 68)
Shinya TSUKAMOTO, Kotoko (Orizzonti)
Simon PUMMELL, Shock Head Soul (Orizzonti)
Tusi TAMASESE, O le tulafale (The Orator) (Orizzonti)
Devin HORAN, Late and Deep (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)

Lav DIAZ, Siglo ng pagluluwal (Century of Birthing) (Orizzonti Events)

Gabriel ABRANTES, Daniel SCHMIDT, Palácios de pena (Palaces of Pity) (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Teresa VILLAVERDE, Cisne (Swan) (Orizzonti)
Andrey SILVESTROV, Yuri LEIDERMAN, Birmingham Ornament (Orizzonti Events)
Aleksander SOKUROV, Faust (Venezia 68)
Charles Yi Yong LIM, All the Lines Flow Out (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
KIM Kyungmook, Jultak dongshi (Stateless Things) (Orizzonti)
Kike MAILLO, Eva (Out Of Competition)
Oscar PEREZ, Maria del MAR DE RIBOT, Hollywood Talkies (Orizzonti)
Mauro ANDRIZZI, Marcus LINDEEN, Accidentes gloriosos (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Mattias GUSTAFSSON, Start (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Axel PETERSEN, The Tracks of my Tears 2 (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Rolando COLLA, Summer Games (Giochi d’estate) (Out Of Competition)
Yves NETZHAMMER, Dialogischer Abrieb (Dialogical Abrasion) (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Ammar AL-BEIK, Hadinat al shams (The Sun’s Incubator) (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Collective ABOUNADDARA, The End (Out Of Competition) – short films
Collective ABOUNADDARA, Vanguards (Out Of Competition) – short films

WEI Te-Sheng, Saideke Balai (Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale) (Venezia 68)

Wattanapume LAISUWANCHAI, Passing Through the Night (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
Rirkrit TIRAVANIJA, Lung Neaw Visits His Neighbours (Orizzonti)
Tomas ALFREDSON, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (Venezia 68)
Andrea ARNOLD, Wuthering Heights (Venezia 68)
Andrew KÖTTING, Louyre – This Our Still Life (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)
MADONNA, W.E. (Out Of Competition)
Steve MCQUEEN, Shame (Venezia 68)
Ben RIVERS, Two Years at Sea (Orizzonti)
Ami CANAAN MANN, Texas Killing Fields (Venezia 68)
George CLOONEY, The Ides of March (Venezia 68)
Jonathan DEMME, I’m Carolyn Parker: the Good, the Mad and the Beautiful (Orizzonti)
Abel FERRARA, 4:44 Last Day On Earth (Venezia 68)
James FRANCO, Sal (Orizzonti)
William FRIEDKIN, Killer Joe (Venezia 68)
Lisa IMMORDINO VREELAND, Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel (Event Out Of Competition)
Ross McELWEE, Photographic Memory (Orizzonti)
Al PACINO, Wilde Salome (Out Of Competition)
Steven SODERBERGH, Contagion (Out Of Competition)
Todd SOLONDZ, Dark Horse (Venezia 68)
Whit STILLMAN, Damsels in Distress (Out Of Competition)
Marco BRAMBILLA, Evolution (Megaplex) [3D] (Out Of Competition) – short films
Ben RUSSELL, River Rites (Orizzonti medium-length and short films)

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