“Through the Glass” Cannes Market Premiere on Monday

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The Publisher of Supple magazine, Hope O. Opara who is presently at the 63rd Cannes Film Festival has sent me the good news of today’s Cannes market première of Nigerian A-List actress and director Stephanie Okereke’s Through the Glass, a romantic comedy that was well received at the première in Nigeria last fall. ID Communications of Canada is already planning the major theaterical release of the film in North America.

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May17, 2010 +1.514.384.4061 (in Cannes +1.514.944.7413)

ID announces market premiere screening for “Through The Glass”, romantic comedy starring A-list NIgerian actress

Through the Glass

May 17, 2010 – (Cannes, France) –Canadian-based ID Communications Inc. announces market premiere screening for “Through The Glass”, a USA shot and produced romantic comedy, by Nigerian star Stephanie Okereke.

“Stephanie Okereke of Next Page Productions first introduced me to her film and her business model at AFM, and I was impressed by her film, which she also wrote and directed. After being a top box office draw in some 25 films, mostly in Nigeria, she went to New York film school, and decided to get behind the lens. Casting herself in a supporting role for her first film was simply a prudent business decision, given her obvious appeal in Nigeria. That call turned out to be a good one, as “Through The Glass” pulled in 10M Naira in her fall 2009 release on 4 screens, which represents roughly $ 65,000 US.” Says Dan Shannon, head of ID Communications, the films international sales agent.

“What I most like about this film’s business approach is the built-in market. Nigeria is a country of 150 Million. Every major market has a strong Nigerian diaspora. Given Stephanie is basically the Angelina Jolie of Nigeria, she is a household name in these commmunities and we know we can easily mobilise them for our platform theatrical release in North America and elsewhere. As a company specialised in Niche film, these are exactly the kinds of elements we look for. We will begin in NYC, the DC area, and Houston, just to name a few, and we will take it from there.” says Mr. Shannon.

“The film tells the story of an incorrigible bachelor who rushing out to an important meeting one day, finds a baby on his doorstep with a note from a past girlfriend to the effect of ‘…your baby, your problem’. Panic-striken, he eyes the neighbor who happens to be outside, a lovely Nigerian woman, and asks if she can mind the baby for an hour while he runs off to a business meeting. What follows is a humorous blend of North American/Nigerian cultural conflicts which is both refreshing and entertaining.”says Mr. Shannon

Ms Okereke is in Cannes for the launch of her film, and will attend the screening. For media appointments please email or call below.

“Through The Glass” will screen at the Cannes Market on Monday

About ID Communications Inc.

ID Communications inc. is a Montreal-based boutique film, television and web marketing company specialized in the area of international sales representation and distribution for film, TV, DVD and web-based properties. For more information and trailer on Through the Glass For our full Cannes Market lineup visit http://www.idcommunications.org/cannesmarket

market contact : ds@idcommunications.org mobile (+1.514.944.7413)

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