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Eve Elyne, a 16-year-old musical sensation from Kerala, India, now residing in Colchester, UK, is all set to captivate the music world with her debut single ‘My Lover’. Eve, a multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter is not only the voice behind the song, but also the creative force, having written, composed, orchestrated, performed and produced the track entirely on her own under the banner Teal Meadow.
‘My Lover’ captures the profound emotional depths that love can stir, beautifully illustrating feelings of longing, nurturing, and the yearning for a loved one’s prosperity. The music video, filmed in the picturesque locations of Dedham village area, Dedham town centre, and Colchester town centre, is now available on Eve’s YouTube channel, @EveElyneOfficial.


Sohan Roy
The video was released by Mr. Sohan Roy, the notable director of the Oscar-contented film Dam999 and CEO of the UAE’s Aries Group of Companies, who has been recognized in Forbes.
Currently a student at The Gilberd School in Colchester, Essex, Eve Elyne is no stranger to leadership roles. She serves as Deputy Head Girl at her school, demonstrating her multi-faceted talents as the Lead Electric Guitarist for her school’s Soul Band, a Sports Captain, a Diversity Champion, and a runner-up in Public Speaking.

Eve’s passion for music has been a lifelong pursuit. With dreams of becoming a professional touring musician, she has been honing her skills on multiple instruments including drums, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard, piano and more. Eve began writing songs at the tender age of 12, drawing inspiration from various singer-songwriters. She is also an emerging cricket player who has been selected for Essex Women’s Team and England’s Emerging Players Program.
Eve Elyne
Eve’s dedication to her musical pursuits is evident in her achievement of Grade 6 in Trinity for keyboard, which she started learning at the age of 9. Currently working towards Grade 7, she has also completed Grade 4 in drums. This self-driven musician has also showcased her drumming talent in the Battle of the Bands with her School Rock Band when she was studying at the Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Luton.
Adarsh Kurian is the one behind the camera and in the editing room for the project ‘My Lover’. Eve was aided by the expertise of Alan Jones, a sound engineer and founder of Colchester’s Black Cactus Studios for the sound mixing of the song. In addition, the guitar elements of the song were skillfully managed by Finn Godwin, a close friend of Eve.
Eve Elyne
The debut of ‘My Lover’ marks a significant milestone in Eve’s musical journey, bringing her one step closer to her dream of performing in front of a large audience and making her mark in the music industry.