Inaugural Eko International Film Festival Opens Wednesday July 7 in Lagos

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Umge’s War will open at EKOIFF on July 8, 2010

Inaugural Eko International Film Festival Opens Wednesday July 7 in Lagos

The inaugural Eko International Film Festival (EKOIF) opens Wednesday July 7 at the prestigious Genesis Deluxe Cinemas at The Palms in Lekki, Lagos.

Award winning filmmakers from Germany, UK, Spain, France, Albania, Kenya and Nigeria are participating in the film fiesta with over 25 films including the thrilling Glamrock City and the King of Palma.

The thrilling tale of the femme fatale, “ART ET DECES aka Glamrock City,” written and directed by Christophe Kourdouly and Stéphane Jauny, opens the film festival and to be followed by the screening of other films from Wednesday to the closing day at the weekend.

The following is the list of the selected films.
1. The Man in the Ground
Director:Jesus Risueno
Duration:19minutesSynopsis:winter,every nigh in the city streets, on unknown person is brutally murdered. There is no relation between the victims, no purpose no evidence.

Country: Spain
2. El Forjador De Historias(The Storymaker)
Director: Jose Gomez Gaugo
Duration:15 minutes
Synopsis: For better or worse, Nothing escapes my will.

Year 2009
Country: Spain
3. The Cortege(Elr Cortejo)
Director ;: Marina Sereseky
Duration: 14 minutes
Cap is the oldest to grave digger in the cemetery. Used to working amidst the suffering of others and the jokes of his colleagues there is only one person capable of taking him out of his daily routine. Every month for the last couple of years he has waited for months to take flowers to the groove of her husband. She is his last hope.

Country :Spain
4.Thunderbolt And The Mermaid
Director: Diego Sanchidrian Rubio
Synopsis: It is said that dreams are unreachable for they are far away,hiding beyond the stars. But in order to make them come true you do not have to know where they hide, you just do not have to be bold enough to

5. Balcony Boy
Director: Pilar Palomero
Duration: 10 minutes
Synopsis: Balcony Boy, poor balcony boy. His fault?

Having big ears. His bad habit? Putting his head where he shouldn’t have.

Year: 2005
Country: Spain
6. Fearful John (Juan Con Miedo)
Director: Daniel Romero
Duration: 11 minutes
Synopsis: During the holidays at his grandparents village, John meets Mary, a mysterious girl who tells the terrifying legend surrounding the peasant’s old house. John, unlike the character in the tale is fearful, Mary is not.

Year: 2010
Country: Spain
7. Antena
Director: Geatian Rexhep Koci
Duration: 19 minutes
Year: 2010
Country: Albania
8. Jinx in a Jiffy
Director: Geatian Rexhep Koci
Duration: 18 minutes
Year: 2010
Country: Albania
9. Trope Zones
Director: David Macian And Eduardo Molinari
Duration: 6 minutes
Synopsis: He’s crazy about food; she’ll do anything to please him. A perfect romance as long as something is in the fridge.

Year : 2010
Country: Spain
10. La Union
Director: Carlos A. Sambricio
Duration: 18 minutes
Synopsis: Sara encounters her boyfriend Fran, who died in a car crash six months earlier. A mysterious and breathtaking develops as Fran employs a hypnotic seduction game in order to convince Sara that he is real and that they can be together again.

Year: 2008
Country: Spain
11. Out Of Here
Director: Chino Moya
Duration: 8 minutes
Synopsis: After a dispute, a young woman leaves her older boyfriend’s comfortable apartment.

She has nowhere to go, so she wanders the streets aimlessly, eventually ending up in a café where she has a random encounter.

Year: 2010
Country: Spain/UK
12. Weightless
Director: Oliver Krafcht
Duration: 10 minutes
Synopsis: 18th Century: Five children spend the day outside in a mysterious garden. When they try to fly a kite, they discover a tree full of red berries. The oldest girl Elsie warns that these fruits are poisonous, but the children don’t listen and try them. They are sweet, but soon the poison begins to work…

Year: 2010
Country: Germany
13. Dolls
Director: Rosa Marquez
Duration: 14 minutes
Synopsis: Ana wakes up in an old abandoned stable; next to her, there is a mysterious girl who seems to have been there for a long time, but the only thing she can find out about her is her name: Irina. Ana will try desperately to get Irina’s help to escape from their captor.

Year: 2009
Country: Spain
14. Ansiedad (Anxiety)
Director: Eduardo Casanova
Duration: 25 minutes
Synopsis: Violeta Largertija is a great prima donna with social phobia. Violeta can neither speak nor relate by anybody that knows her, with her lovesick character, she survives feeding on tranquillizers.
Bertlo is crazy in love with Violeta, but he knows her problem and has a plan to know her.

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