Legacy: The Thomas Ikimi Film that Idris Elba Gave the Props

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Some said Thomas Ikimi’s new feature Legacy was the toast of the 2010 Glasgow Film Festival in Scotland, but it has not been rated as a must watch movie by many movie reviewers in the U.S. and in fact, one reviewer called it a failure. Therefore, do not expect this film to draw crowds at the cinemas or give Ikimi and his executive producer good returns at the box office.

Ikimi raised as much cash as he could from Nigeria, when he wanted to spend only $20,000 and use his cronies to make up the cast and crew, but the interest of leading British actor Idris Elba increased the stakes and the budget increased to a little over $500, 000. Legacy was shot within 30 days in Scotland, but set in New York with Elba attracting the major cast from the U.S. The cast made the simple story of a ‘Black Ops’ soldier dealing with the consequences of a failed mission in Eastern Europe a gripping political thriller. The lead role of Michael Gray was played by Elba.

Reviewers have given credit for the saving grace of Legacy to the outstanding acting skills of Elba and the proven expertise of the crew. Finis.


The Story

Black Ops operative Malcolm Gray returns home after a botched mission in Eastern Europe. Holed up in a Brooklyn motel room, he is torn between retribution and personal salvation as he mentally unravels. When the walls close in, his story may be all he can leave behind.
~ From IMDb

The Cast

Idris Elba … Malcolm Gray

Eamonn Walker … Darnell Gray Jnr

Monique Gabriela Curnen … Valentina Gray

Richard Brake … Scott O’Keefe
Clarke Peters … Ola Adenuga
Julian Wadham … Gregor Salenko

Gerald Kyd … Gustavo Helguerra

Mem Ferda … Andriy

Niall Greig Fulton … Vladimir
John Kazek … Dimitri
Annette Badland … Stephanie Gumpel

Lara Pulver … Diane Shaw

William Hope … Mark Star

Joe Holt … Ronny Tarbuck

Deobia Oparei … Ray Cloglamm

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