7th Tarifa African Film Festival Awards

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Tarifa African  Film Festival

30 May 2010 08:20 Africa/Lagos

The awards of the 7th edition of Tarifa African Film Festival

TARIFA, May 29, 2010/African Press Organization (APO)/ — The awards of the 7th edition of Tarifa African Film Festival:

The awards for the movies in the section The African Dream are:

 The“Wind Griot” award for The Best Feature Film. This award is worth 15.000€ and includes the trophy.

For the TEZA (Dew) directed by Haile Gerima (Ethiopia, Germany, French). For its capacity to reflect the history of the whole African continet through the great script, exceptional actor´s performances and mature direction.


 Griot of Clay, award for the best full-lengths film director. This award is worth 10.000€ and includes a Trophy.

For the director CAROLINA KAMYA (Uganda, Sweden) and her movie Imani (The Faith). For its fresness and subtlety, which manifests the capacity of the new generation of African filmmakers to express their vision of the world.

 The award for the best actress in a full length feature. The award is

worth 2.500€ and includes the trophy. The award is donated by FRS – Fast Ferry Service Company, which operates ferries in the Strait of Gibraltar.

For the REHEMA NANFUKA for her part of Mary in the movie Imani (The Faith) (Uganda, Sweden). For her gentle and congenial interpretation of a women trapped in difficult live situation.

 The award for the best actor in full length feature film. The award is worth 2.500€ and the trophy.

For the actors KEN AMBANI, ABUBAKAR MWENDA y GODFREY ODHIAMBO for their parts in the movie From a whisper (Kenya). For their collective and congenial work, which enables to viewers really feel the internal conflict of the society torn by terorrism.

The Audience Special Award for the best full-length film. The award is worth 5.000€ and includes the trophy. The award is granted according the votes, viewers were giving to the movies after projections:

For the movie ATLETU (The Athlet), directed by Rasselas Lakew and Davey Frankel (Ethiopia, USA, Germany).
and for the movie EHKI YA SHAHRAZADE (The Women from Cairo), directed by Yousry Nasrallah from Egypt.

The awards for the movies in the section On the Other Side of the Strait are:

– The “Ebony Griot” Award for the best documentary. The award is worth 10.000€ and includes trophy. The award is donated by Casa Africa.

For the movie LES LARMES DE L’ÉMIGRATION (The Tears of the Emigration) directed by Alassane Diago (Senegal, France). For the intimate reflection of the universal problem in the local African context, which was conveyed by superb and highly cinematic direction.

The jury has also unanimously decided to grant two special acknowledgements to the movies:

LES DAMNÉS DE LA MER (Damned of the Sea) directed by Jawad Rhalib (Morocco, Belgium, France) and

CEUX DE LA COLLINE (The Hillside Crowd) directed by Berni Goldblat (Burkina Faso, France, Switzerland)

The awards for the movies in the section Africa in short (short movies) are:

 The RTVA Award for Audiovisual Creation. The award is worth 1.500€ and includes trophy “El Dilema”. The award also means that RTVA (Andalusian Radio and Television) will support the film by buying its broadcasting rights. The award is sponsored by Cajasol-Obra Social.

For the EL ICHA directed by Walid Tayaa (Tunis)

For its close reflection of the daily routine, which can exist in whatever place or culture in the world and for the delicacy with which demonstrates the religious intolerance and new masks of the old colonialism.

The Youth Jury, formed by the Andalusian Youth Institute (IAJ), votes the award for the best short film. The award is worth 2.000€ and includes trophy.

For the movie LEZARE directed by Zelalem Woldemariam (Ethiopia)

For its profound capacity to arouse audience emotions through his developed artistic symbolism.

Source: Tarifa African Film Festival

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