Putting the Mojo Into Movies Online

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31 May 2010 15:00 Africa/Lagos

Showflicks.com – Putting the Mojo Into Movies Online

The best and hippest online movie site featuring horror, martial arts and comedy movies and news – Showflicks.com features FrightFlicks.com – FightFlicks.com and GiggleFlicks.com, each with free movies, original series, commentary and more!

NEW YORK, May 31 /PRNewswire/ — Made for movie lovers, Showflicks.com – the umbrella site for FrightFlicks.com, FightFlicks.com and GiggleFlicks.com – is the ultimate home for horror, martial arts and comedy movies online.

They said the web would hip, they said the web would cater to you, but with online movies, more and more we see the same standard, faceless corporate fare. But movies – especially horror, martial arts and comedy movies – are an escape, a love, a cult, a load of fun to some and a passion for more! – Showflicks.com puts the mojo into movies online.

Freaking out with great horror films, kicking it with martial arts movies and busting a gut with comedies, including tons of free movies to watch, our place is your place – a place made by movie lovers for movie lovers, with films featuring stars such as Samuel Jackson, Angelina Jolie and Kevin Dillon.

But that’s not all. Showflicks.com also features original programming, with exclusive, original and exciting shows produced by Showflicks. Also featured is cutting edge news and commentary in each of our specialty genres by our exclusive team, all in all making Showflicks the home of North America’s strongest young talent, with faces, personalities and stories that keep our fans on the edge of their seat and coming back for more. A true destination for movie lovers, with its own personality and featuring its very own stars, Showflicks is truly an original and simply stated the coolest movie destination on the net.

Showflicks is the creative vision of founder and president Lorne Gross, MA, LLB, MBA. Lorne possesses a singular ability to combine the creative and business elements of a media enterprise that is both uniquely entertaining and strategically positioned.

Lorne possesses an MBA from Oxford University, a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School, a Master’s degree in China Area Studies from the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, is a member of the Bar of Ontario, has a BA from the University of Toronto and was a Visiting Undergraduate at Harvard University. In addition to his native English, Lorne speaks Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Lorne has created and produced award winning television and film programming, and appeared in front of the camera in both English and Chinese.

Prior to his work in media, Lorne worked in finance, holding the position of Associate Vice President of a private equity fund. He has also lectured at major academic institutions on the application of Asian philosophy to business strategy.

Early in his career, Lorne was admonished for not wearing a belt with his suits. He believes that this and other similar strange events (which he is happy to recount to friends and strangers alike) have underscored to him the importance of business strategy that has individuality, uniqueness and vision, as well as effectiveness.

He still doesn’t wear a belt with his suits.

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Lorne Gross

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CONTACT: Lorne Gross, +1-416-419-8837, lgross@showflicks.com

Web Site: http://www.showflicks.com/

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