World Première of GuGu E. Michaels’ Unge’s War Thriller at the Eko International Film Festival

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World Première of GuGu E. Michaels’ Unge’s War Thriller at the Eko International Film Festival

The world première of GuGu E. Michaels’ Unge’s War thriller will be at the Eko International Film Festival (EKOIFF) tomorrow July 8, 2010, at the Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, The Palms, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.


Unge’s war is a story about Ukah (M.J. Mathias) the greatest warrior of his generation who needed his son Unge (Five times world martial arts champion, Leo U’ Che) to carry on his blood line. Unge being a puny man amongst giant warriors, have to prove that it’s not the size of a man that makes a great warrior. When Unge goes to war he’s woman Adani (Matilda Godson) befriends the prince (Eric Anderson) of her villages. Unge leads his army against the most skillful warrior of his time Kwamme (Hoomsuk) Get ready for masterful fight sequences that will leave audiences at the edge of their seats. Directed by international action director GuGu E. Michaels. Unge’s War is an epic-action adventure, that will leave you breathless.

GuGu E. Michaels is an International Action Director that has written and directed over 6 feature length pictures. GuGu E. Michaels’ vision is to improve Nigerian movies and their style, to an international standard, in order that Nigeria can truly be recognized for quality international movies. It is his belief that with solid scripts, good directing, professional cinematography, good acting, good audio, good sound design, good editing, professional music score and color grading Nigeria will be able to show the world that Nigeria has truly arrived in the world of international movie making.

GuGu E. Michaels aim to use this picture “Unge’s War” to garner the attention of major global studios into investing in the Nigerian market. That is what prompted him to open a production house “Gu International Pictures (G.I.P)” along with his partner Christian Nwankpa, the due plans to shake the world with Nigerian movies.

Features Directed by GuGu E. Michaels:

Thugz (1998)
Dangerous County (2002)
Urban Killaz (2004)
Repentance (2007)
Best Served Cold (2008)
Pastor’s Wife (2008)
Dangerous Men (2009)
Unge’s War (2010)

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